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Thread: can't break into 11's to save my life!

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2013-10-01 02:45:15
i was being serious i really dont know much about going fast on the track

Originally Posted by stepuporstfu
I can't imagine how Morgan would arrive at that conclusion given that he did not comment on this prior to my comments. ??? Well I guess to each their own. Like my daddy used to say, "if the shoe fits"...

Originally Posted by morgans432
try leaving higher in the rpm range. its going to all be seat time now and with that much power (dynapacks or known to read high) you should be able to get that magic number

have fun trying to get there with what you have dont start buying carbon fiber and crap you can get there full trim
I dont know shit about racing as stepuporstfu said
2013-10-01 11:53:21
You might have to switch slick size to pick up some time on the back.. other than that just keep working on your 60 ft.you should be able to hit 1.6s and that would get you 11.9...
2013-10-02 00:25:11
One tip I will give you is to not waste time in 1st gear. Get out the hole and snatch 2nd. Don't bounce the limiter. I see a lot of guys waste time in 1st all the time.
2013-10-02 02:58:20
Yeah, like kev said, Launch and hit 2nd quick. Dont let it spin or spend too much time in it. Worry about hitting that 1-2 shift quick even if its a bit early to keep the boost up where it needs to be. The last shift you want to baby is the 1-2 shift. Hit it hard right after the launch.
2013-10-02 14:54:19
Drop down in tire pressure preload on launch or else you will become part of the "nissan axles are weak club" try to be consistent in your shifting find the sweet spot and stick to it
2013-10-02 15:18:43
Actually shifting 1-2 too fast will kill the momentum of the pass same as to 2-3 when the car is spinning in 2nd if you shift into 3rd too fast will kill the motor because the car doesnt have enough speed to keep he revs where they should be!! As for shifting I think he should raise the rev limiter at least to 8500 so when he shifts the motor will stay on powerband!!
Need to play with the 2 step to see were is the best rpm to launch!!
Play with tire pressure too!!
He just need some seat time an the 11's will come!!
2013-10-02 16:50:04
I would agree if this wasn't a small t2 Turbo... if he launches right he should be spinning hard enough to rev it out to let the tires catch up.. on anythi less than a full slick or an all motor I would agree
2013-10-03 14:38:51
thanks for the replies some good tips i'll have to try, sounds like seat time is the biggest. I do think I need to play with pressures more. I've tried the short shift and it did bog the motor but maybe it was too short?! anyway the encouragement helps, i'll keep trying! thanks
2013-10-03 20:20:27
also what is your suspension setup
2013-10-03 20:39:37
I'm up for hire, I'm 130 lbs and got some mean rican driving skills I get that b*tch to go mid 11's.

But there is a lot of factors to it you deft need a 2 step to get her to boost out the line and those shift have to be on point every time consistency is key!!

Don't gut it it has all the ingredients to go 11 good luck with it
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