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Thread: 1st turbo track times

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2013-09-28 14:34:38
1st turbo track times
Okay guys, had car down to Cecil county dragstrip last night here is the results:

o yea, B14 se-r w11 t-25 turbo 11psi, jwt ecu---390cc @ 4bar--E60 maf, 3in exhaust all the way, no cat, fmic 2.5 piping, ACT extreme pp and puck disk, fidanza flywheel and on street tires,

Car 106

First run was best, ha. didn't really have many issues.
2nd run was worst, missed shift into second and had a pause moment of confusion,
3rd and 4th were really close to same, but had wheel hop in 1st and the pressure of my hand being on shifter actually popped 1st gear out in higher rpms before I could push clutch in, was awkward and annoying. def cost me like a tenth or 2 maybe.

I am super happy at these times with street tires and 11psi. better tires and 17psi should knock off at least a second I think.

What u guys think?? Had some blow-by problems but shld be an easy fix I think.
2013-09-28 14:43:01
not bad at all!
2013-09-28 15:27:12
My old car doing work
2013-09-28 15:34:05
Originally Posted by Boostlee
My old car doing work

Not bad huh, 182k miles as well, how u like that.

thanks guys
2013-09-28 15:45:17
Healthy mph. That should easily do 12.5-40 with slicks
2013-09-28 16:22:24
Time to get some slicks on that thing. I'd be curious to see how it would do leaving on a 2 step as well. Car is definitely moving!
2013-09-28 16:44:01
Awesome times. You are a hell of a driver, even going back to your b13 days.
2013-09-28 16:47:08
nice times

what was next to you on the first run? 9.160 1/4
Last edited by D-Unit121 on 2013-09-28 at 16-50-18.
2013-09-28 17:58:07
Originally Posted by D-Unit121
nice times

what was next to you on the first run? 9.160 1/4

Hey thanks for all the support. That I think was a tubbed out drag car of some sort, cant remember.

I always try to hit great lights too, hence my 2 redlights, but they were close, ha.

It is just like the old days with my b13 for sure.

I need a damn tow dolley or something before I break something at the track already, always scared and never wanna beat on it too bad.
2013-09-28 18:01:12
Originally Posted by P10FTW
Awesome times. You are a hell of a driver, even going back to your b13 days.

Thanks man, I think the key to these smaller turbo cars, t25 and t28, is that I always always shift at 7k rpms in every gear except 1st. Dragging it on further doesn't seem to do any justice.
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