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Thread: Cali- Blackwidow B14 GTIR- (WEST COAST REGIONALS SEP 13)- 10's!!! OSR DYNO!

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2013-09-23 18:56:49
Cali- Blackwidow B14 GTIR- (WEST COAST REGIONALS SEP 13)- 10's!!! OSR DYNO!
Rep'n SR20 FWD power. Still on the stock IR and Tranny. Finally broke into the 10's. Ran 11.0, 10.93 and 10.95. Limited in footage since it was only my bro I but did get a vid of the 11.0 pass.

Will post up more vids as i hun them down!...


2013-09-23 19:45:12
Good stuff I love this car it is so fast for what it is congrats.
2013-09-23 20:05:30
Thank you, Sir. I gotta give it up to my brother Danny. He's the one that's done all the work. I just drive it!
2013-09-23 20:17:07
Nice! whats a stock IR? or do you mean IM(intake manifold?)
2013-09-23 20:30:35
Stock GTIR (SR20)
2013-09-23 21:28:23
Getting it done, nice effective set up. Congrats.
2013-09-23 21:42:04
Very nice, what axles are you using? How much hp is the car making?
2013-09-23 22:33:16
Stock axles. 420 hp 300 lbs torque
2013-09-24 13:23:53
420, one of my favorite number's! I've heard the expression blew the door's off but HOOD! Lol. I'm assuming that was a hood that flew into the air? Hahaha
2013-09-24 13:33:21
Man u cleaned that other car up off the line, nice job, nice times.
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