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Thread: MFactory 5.1 FD

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2013-04-27 02:05:37
MFactory 5.1 FD
Getting this out there...this is a great opportunity for us who do some track racing. I would love to get them 10 orders.

get on the list!

2013-04-27 02:41:26
Any calculations on what speed this will give each gear? First gear is a little too short for my liking with the 4.785 but I might be interested. Maybe could be good for 2nd gear launching for the guys with bigger power.
2013-04-27 03:06:15

2013-04-27 04:00:49
You really shouldn't show them a graph using a 9000 rpm redline lol. If you use 8k which I'd say most here do, it's quite different.

FWIW I have the 4.795 in my car now, and on 22" slicks it was slower than the stock trans.
2013-04-27 04:03:31
MFactory 5.1 FD
LoL...I went to a round " conservative" number for me. Car red lines on 9,200 rpm the one I want to calculate and use this 5.1 FD. The street B14 I redline at 9,500 used to RL on 10k on Kelfords. LoL.

But I just gave an idea anyone can go to the mfactory site and use the calculator.
2013-04-27 04:34:30
Hmmmm. I would be really interested in trying that. If second would launch without bogging at the strip this could be good for shaving some time. Most of the all motor guys need this and stop messing around with the SR16 trans.
2013-04-27 14:34:53
a 5.1fd is a good upgrade for your tranny
2013-04-27 15:34:03
5.1 final drive would be good for drag racing with 24.5 x 9 slicks
2013-04-27 23:57:13
Yeah the 4.785 is ok but you end up having to run a shorter slick in order to finish at peak power... so with this 5.1 you could run the 24.5s and still be in the right mph range...
2013-04-28 00:41:01
Hasn't there been quality problems reported with these fds?
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