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Thread: Guam sr20ve (THE DEATH OF)

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2014-11-03 03:46:20
I decided to run it at the track:

This is a bone stock JDM SR20DE with a ram air intake & SSAC (open) header.
2014-11-03 15:25:27
Originally Posted by TRUSE-R
And my lastest toy... A sentra with a stock JDM SR20DE. Got this car for cheap.. Owner gave up on the project and it wasnt running..


Nice B13 Ken!! That Thing Moves For A De With Headers And Intake Only.. Good Shit Ken!!
2014-11-06 15:56:55
run redline shockproof in the trans its expensive but worth every penny im running it on my 400hp turbo setup and I no longer trash 3rd. you might also look into running a g20 stack with a taller 3rd gear.
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