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Thread: B14's first track day

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2012-05-19 03:39:32
B14's first track day
So I took my 208k mile b14 to the 1/8 mile for the first time tonight. I haven't drag raced in about 7 years so I feel ok with my times. Car has normal bolt ons with 17 degree timing and a gut job. Here are some slips... Any advice or CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcome.

Best et... Right lane

Best mph... Right lane

Best reaction time... Right lane
2012-05-19 16:56:21
Good and consistent. Get back out there more often and have fun with it man.
2012-05-20 23:23:55
Thanks man. Any idea what similar setups run? Just trying to gauge how the old girl is doing with that many miles...
2012-05-21 00:01:59
I'd say you're on track for that many miles. I think an engine in it's prime would run a little quicker though.
2012-05-21 01:01:27
Right on. I am addressing some things like new jwt filter and iat sensor not being in the pipe. Lol I didn't even know I had a jwt pop charger until I pulled the filter to go buy a new one but the 6 inch flange killed that. The old one is dry rotted and beyond cleaning... I will post the new results when I get them.
2012-06-09 03:30:17
Just got back from my second night and was able to squeeze a 9.81@70.73mph. I am pretty happy with that considering what I've got. Smoked an old civic hatch in the process so I am double happy!
2012-06-09 14:07:48
2013-08-02 17:11:05
Re: B14's first track day
Been staying at it and I'm down to a 9.65@73mph. I am putting in the 91-93 intake cam this weekend. Any ideas of what that will add hp wise?
2013-08-02 18:07:19
Those times and numbers look good for the first time out in 7 years!!!! I am poor at drag racing but interested in becoming more proficient at it. I cannot offer any advice so hopefully some other more stellar fellow drag racers can help ya out.

Keep up the good work, @Chefjrod1
2013-08-02 18:44:34
Do it, I did it 8-9 years ago on a buddy of mines car. We ran before and after vs a spev-v and went from loosing to passing him in 3rd gear and going.
Worth the trouble if its what one has.
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