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Thread: T25 b13 vs evo 9, predictions...

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2011-05-15 16:15:13
the average street evo (+bolt on) with a good driver is low 12's an better. I ran a 13.00 in my evo 8 with stock tires, full weight and a system in the trunk. Evo 9's with a 10.5 hotside turbo when 10.9 already with AWD Motorsports.
YouTube - Cwill @ AWD Motorsports 10.98@126mph Stock Turbo EVO
2011-05-15 16:52:51
What type of turbo comes stock w/the Evo? How the hell are they running such high boost through them without knocking? That's gotta be way out of the efficiency range of the turbo.
2011-05-15 17:25:50
I'm sure at almost 30psi they're using alky plus supporting mods, and I belive they come witha 16g turbo
2011-05-15 17:39:05
Yeah, the evo 9 turbo is actually bigger and better. People are making a lot of power out of the 9 turbo's. And water/meth is very commonly used on the evos.
2011-05-16 20:11:47
Well this should help a little...

Interesting WG bracket. I dont think thats from a gtir but i could be wrong.

Anyone know what WG this is?
2011-05-16 23:49:29
what do you have for tuning?
2011-05-16 23:59:31
Originally Posted by crznx2000
what do you have for tuning?

2011-05-17 02:39:11
You will still need a boost controller, cams, and slicks oh and a very good tune wich is the most important thing.
2011-05-17 11:44:21
He needs a Marsh tune!
2011-05-17 19:11:18
oh ,WELL in that case, no, your gonna lose pretty hard. lol. that being said i can pace modded evos with 10psi on a 50 trim t3 on my det nx2000. jim wolf tune and a few other mods. on high boost.....yeah, they better have a gt35 on em. friend of mine just picked up a new to him evo 9, ill have to see whats done to it and give it a run. the other evos my friends have are 8s....no MIVEC.
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