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Thread: Finally hitting times worth posting.

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2010-09-20 19:35:14
Finally hitting times worth posting.
So ive been slowly working my way down to better times. Been steady in the lower 13's just on the motor, and i sprayed it this weekend and went down into the lower 12's

I dont have a video of my best run, 12.3 but i do have the slip, my girl thought the camera was in video mode and took a picture! DAMMIT!

This video was my 12.5, actually let off towards the end, nitrous pressure died out and scared me when it slowed down. I think i trapped 95 or something

YouTube - Boosted SE-R at the Track

Another 12.5

YouTube - Killing STI's


Still trying to get more consistant runs in, going back out this weekend and im going to lower the pressure on the slicks, 1st was still spinning pretty bad. Hoping to have my msd box in by then so i can use the 2 step also, and ill probably bump the timing up a little bit, think i went to far back with the spray.
2010-09-20 19:39:53
Nice runs, thanks for the videos and pics of the timeslip! Nice work, keep practicing!
2010-09-20 19:50:06
So what's the set up. Nice times
2010-09-20 19:55:22
W10 motor at 15 psi. 65 Shot wet. Walbro 255, jwt ecu, 3" downpipe, 2.5" exhaust no cat. JGY Flywheel & Street clutch. Stock b13 transmission.

Slicks are 23"/8.5 on b14's

Suspension has prothane everywhere, prothane mounts, ST sway bars, and first gen k-sports.
2010-09-20 19:59:20
Oh ok. Yeah maybe you did go a little low on the timing. I would think you would be doing that mph or close to it with just boost. Also, are you running an external gate, or how are you keeping the boost from rising. I would expect spraying w the stock wastegate I would think you would have a hard time keeping the boost from spiking.
2010-09-20 20:00:45
Woohoo! Looks like fun.
2010-09-20 20:14:03
Yea i put i knew it was too low in timing just by how it was running, but i forgot my light at home and didnt want to play with it.

No stock internal, i thought the boost would spike bad and my buddy told me not to because of how bad it spiked his evo, but on the way to the track i was watching it and it only hit 16-17 psi.

Im still fairly new to running at the track, espicially on the slicks. So better times will be coming.

Any suggestions on slick pressure? i had them at 10 pounds that night, the full race guys run there 9 second civic at 5 pounds but thats a car that means business.

Thanks guys!
2010-09-20 20:20:03
Nice. We should set up a meet before or after the track. What time you guys head out there?
2010-09-20 20:25:03
Ill be out there again this friday around 6 or 7. that time everyone met at the chevron right by firebird. i try getting everyone to come out and run, tony is the only one that ever runs with me.
2010-09-20 21:37:41
nice man those are some good times for your setup. You should be able to get some fast launches with that 2-step and some practice. My first passes were 1.8 60' and after about 30 passes or so I had it down to around 1.4 but that was on street tires. With those slicks you could hit some nasty 60' times and be running faster aslong as the drivetrain holds up. Who ever said AWD cars were better than FWD out of the hole? lol looks like you pulled 5 cars on that STI right from the start.
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