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Thread: 3pc front ends for B13 & B14

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2011-12-06 02:55:46
i was talking to him the other day...dave you have my number, call me...i can get in touch with him
2011-12-06 16:27:41
let me know what's up
2011-12-20 10:17:12
Maybe some progress after the holidays? Hopefully something happens soon. Time is dwindling away quick.
2011-12-20 11:36:04
Yeah he emailed me the other day saying his artist didn’t have anything good as yet and he didn’t forget about us. I guess it's a time game now.
2012-01-16 11:56:57
Ok so I’m kind of at the end of the rope with waiting on Exospeed. My thoughts is, if we have to wait so long on a sketch, how long would we have to wait on the actual product?

Does anyone know/recommend anyone else that would be more proficient in getting something going? I know we can get frank's fiberglass in NC. Anyone else?
2012-01-16 13:44:00
Strada Industries makes 3 piece fronts for the honda guys. They also look very nice and heard they are quick as well. Maybe you can get ahold of them.
2012-01-16 14:51:33
There's a place in PR that makes complete fiberglass bodies for drag cars I'm sure they could do something. Maybe someone down there can find out. There's more than enough cars down there to get some molds off of.
2012-01-16 16:07:48
We need some place central to cut down the shipping cost.
2012-01-16 16:30:23
Exospeed would still be our best bet being they have a vehicle there on site already. I really dont know why its taking them so long to work up a sketch/design. Maybe they are worried that its not going to benifit them and they wont sell many. Who knows. Ive kinda given up hope on it soo far as I have 3 1/2 months left till I get home and start putting the car together. So unless they can pull something out quickly I dont see this getting done in time at least not for the convention. If sometime down the road they finally get it done then sure, ill be purchasing one but right now its looking like i might just find an 93/94 bumper, paint it and put it on to clean up the front of the car being mine is completely cut apart.

All we can do is hope.
2012-01-16 17:33:38
Strada Industries came back to me and said they are more than willing to accommodate any make or Model. They are in Valencia CA.
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