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Thread: Second time @ the 1/4 for me.. 12.3 pass

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2008-11-19 05:45:05
very nice, you smoked the crap out of that srt4, haha, what did he run. btw when i was turbod i never lost to an srt4 ever, and i ran probably about 18 of them anywhere from stock to stage 3 60 trim turbod at 26psi of boost. so yeah glad to see you smoke him bad. hahahahaha
2008-11-19 08:26:12
His trap speed was 102mph...
2008-11-19 13:30:40
so he probably ran a 14.0 or so being it didnt look like he got a good launch at all. its funny because every srt4 owner i know cant launch their car worth the crap even with an 04-05 model with lsd, i guess they just suck. My buddy went to the track with me and he had his street tires down to 8 psi and he launched at like 3k and still spun the crap out of the tires through 1st then bogged second because he wasnt going anywhere.

This all on a track that i was pulling 1.71 60fts on on my 22X8X15 slicks so i know the track was well prepped. I guess they just have trouble is all or the lsd really really sucks on them. haha which i think ive heard of. But yeah he probably had basic boltons with a 102 trap probably still running around stock boost though
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