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Thread: The Great Quarter Mile Thread. (1/4 Mile Thread for Fast Cars and Drivers)

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2008-09-30 02:28:00
The Great Quarter Mile Thread. (1/4 Mile Thread for Fast Cars and Drivers)
All discussion related to this thread belongs in the discussion thread.

As you can see, the formatting has changed a bit. I decided instead of being all fancy with it to just keep it simple and to the point. Key ingredients that were missing before such as 60ft and 1/8th mile times are now input as anyone that is big into drag racing knows, the 1/4 mile is mainly decided by the front half of the track. The times are listed as well as the vehicle type and basic key mods. I will keep the thread updated as they come in. The previous rules apply. See Below:Time slips, videos or other proof or you don't get on the list. Please post relevant mods and you can post a single pic of the engine and/or car if you'd like. All times are in seconds and speed in miles per hour. Keep discussion out of this thread please.

FWD SR20DE (Naturally aspirated, non VE head).

1SR20-Autech2.198.96@80.8313.84@100.35HP DE, Port work, 11:1 compression, C3 cams, Mazworx Header
2Ashtonsser2.169.24@75.7114.38@96.4691 SE-R -
Intake, S3 Cams, Header, Exhaust, Light Flywheel, Under Drive Pulleys
3Big Turbo AWD2.189.36@75.9714.56@93.8397 SE-R -
Intake, '91 Intake Cam, Header, Exhaust, Pulleys, Weight Reduction
4LukacCloud2.309.57@76.6114.87@93.693 SE-R -
10:1 CR, Exhaust Manifold Dumped, Ram Air, Non-LSD, TOYO RA-1 tires
5ga16eats2.339.49@75.2814.62@95.0293 XE - Intake, Header, Exhaust, S4/S3 cam combo, ECU
6robenxhok??15.12@92.78B14 SE-R - Header, ’91 Cam, Adv Timing, Exhaust
7GTi Kurt2.359.8@72.8515.19@90.5N15 Lucino - Header, Cams, Exhaust
8Kyle2.399.93@72.9015.30@92.25B14 SE-R - Intake, BC Stage 2 Cams, SSAC Header, 2 1/2" exhaust, JWT Ecu, Street tires
9Kyle2.319.92@70.9415.46@88.3B14 SE-R - Intake, '91 Intake Cam
10matt_pound??15.68@88.695 SE-R - Header, Exhaust
11MCarp222.2610.08@68.3615.71@87.5091 SE-R - Exhaust
12blackb15??15.91@85.991 SE-R - Intake, 19° Base Timing
13hammerin hank2.5210.55@68.3716.21@87.2999 SE-L - LSD trans, CAI, 2.5" exhaust, street tires, full weight
14gtirwezz2.6910.61@66.6816.43@84.1194 Pulsar N14 - SR18DE, VZR LSD trans, Apexi Air Filter, 3" exhaust, street tires, slight weight reduction
15thunder_storm992.7511.28@64.8317.29@81.199 P11 - Intake, Header

FWD SR20DE(+)T (Forced induction including superchargers and nitrous, non VE head).

1ashtonsser1.787.32@ 101.0111.10 @131.4B13 SE-R - 24 psi, T3T04, slicks, significant weight reduction
2Dave_SR20?? 11.64 @ 122B13 SE-R - Mods unknown
3 kevwal1.767.55@ 94.4911.66@ 117.2B13 SE-R - 22 psi, T28, slicks
4carfreak240??11.84@119.3NX2000 - 17 psi, sc61, slicks
5klassicrican2.17.92@91?B13 SE-R - W11, GTIR manifold, GT28R, 14psi, Calum Realtime, 50lb injectors
6savage2.078.1@91.112.41@114.2 B13 SE-R - 17psi, T28, cams, slicks.
7will??12.3@113.5 95 SE-R - T28, 14psi, S4 Cams
8ashtonsser1.87.98@87.312.44@109.592 B13 SE-R - 12psi, T25, cams, slicks.
9needase-r2.26?12.7@11691 SE-R - 60 trim, 10psi
10nsusammyeb1.838.35@84.7312.89@107.51B14 SE-R - DE+T, 60-1, BC2’s, 9psi, Slicks
11likethemovies2.178.56@86.6613.02@113.8999 SE-L - 20psi, GT28R, exhaus
12morgans4322.068.59@86.8513.08@109.35 NX2000 - DE, Ebay turbo, Log manifold, 12psi, slicks
13unijabnx20002.299.07@86.0313.66@111.192 NX2000 - 13psi, GT2860RS, cams, exhaust. JWT ECU
14chrisc4ar2.429.17@85.0713.68@111.64 B13 – DE+T, S4 Cams, GT2560r, 12psi, Calum R/T, Lightweight Flywhee
1593specv2.329.01@82.9013.77@103.47 B13 – DET, S4 Cams, T25, Lightweight Flywheel
16irf3052.249.08@81.1013.94@101.8795 G20 P10, DET, T25, Calum, FMIC, Street Tires
17kzoosho2.339.47@81.7914.17@108.1295 SE-R – GTIR Swap, 8psi

FWD SR20VE N/A(Naturally Aspirated)

[TDB11 – 2L VE, SR16 pistons, SR16 non-n1 Cams][/TD]
1pito1.667.05@ ?10.99 @123.55B13 SE-R - 2.45L VE, N1 cams, Xcessive Intake Manifold, Big header w/ Reverse cone, significant weight reduction.
2Cory1.6? 11.50 @ 118B13 SE-R – 2.45L VE, Kelford Cams, Custom IM, Custom Header, Slicks
3 Cory1.627.40@92.4811.62@ 115.89B13 SE-R – 2.3L, Kelford Cams, Custom IM, Custom Header, Slicks
4nismo94tuner1.727.40@94.2811.72@115.77B13 SE-R - 2.3L, Kelford Cams, Custom IM, Custom Header, Slicks and Skinnies
5Mr.sentra_specv1.747.70@90.2612.04@113.42B13 SE-R – 2.45L VE, ITB's, AEM EMS, Custom Header, 23" Slicks, Full Interior
6Black Trunk1.788.04@86.1512.54@109.27B14 - 2L VE, 12.5:1 CP Pistons, n1 cams, excessive plenum, Supertech S&R's, AEM, Slicks, 2185 lbs w/ driver
8BORNGEARHEAD1.918.54@81.3213.37@101.65NX2000 – 2L VE, N1 Cams, 3” Exhaust, Full Interior
9nizmo2.199.08@80.5013.97@100.22 N15 Lucino – 2L VE, SR16 non-n1 Cams, Pop Charger, Header, Exhaust, SR16 Trans.
10TheSnail2.319.19@78.3414.09@101.2292 B13 SE-R – 2L VE, N1 cams, Pulleys, Basic Ecu, Intake, Header, Exhaust, Lightweight Flywheel
11sharklem2.259.12@78.5314.11@100.454 Door B13 – 2L VE, Header, 3” exhaust, Basic Ecu, N1 Cams
12prtitan062.149.26@76.3314.35@96.17B13 SE-R - 2L VE, N1s,JK Tuning Chip,JMR Header,VRS 3in Catback,MSD 6AL-2,JGY Solid Mounts,D2s Coilovers
13Jason Stryker2.4?15.3@92.32L VE, No VVL Activated, Intake

FWD SR20VE-T (Forced Induction, VE Head).

1ashtonsser1.777.13@114.5010.54@149.1592 B13 SE-R – 2L VE, Sleeved Block, 9:1, N1 Cams, Custom IM, BW S400sx Billet 67mm, 6 speed trans, AEM EMS, Slicks, Gutted, 716whp
210.1sr20de-t1.747.35@98.2111.32@125.52B13 SE-R - 2L VE, GTI-R Internals, T3/T4 57 trim, JWT ECU, Slicks
3gio92sr20ve??11.56@123B13 SE-R – Mods unknown
4Andrew(nj)1.937.88@95.0312.01@118.38B13 SE-R – VE-T w/ stock det bottom end, gt2871r, 16psi, 24.5" slicks

RWD/AWD Vehicles (N/A or Forced Induction).

1nosl240??10.02@13895 240SX – 1JZ, Auto Trans
2Sealti961.657.00@102.7710.82@128.59Nissan Bluebird - VE-T, 6768, Custom IM, Custom Turbo Manifold, AEM EMS, Full Interior, Full Exhaust, AWD, Slicks
32_Liter_Turbo1.617.63@93.0511.95@11492 240SX – SR20 Swap, GT30R, 19psi
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2008-10-01 13:28:09
here is mine,

92 SE-R (B13) 135k miles
JDM engine 9.5:1 w/ 180psi accross the board
RWD tubular manifold
S13 T25 @12psi
JWT S4 cams
Calum basic for 370cc injectors 4bar, Z32 maf
ACT extreem PP w/ 6puck sprung
Fidanza flywheel
Large FMIC w/ 2.5" piping
Turbo XS RFL bov
Biggest help of all Mickey Thompson 22X8X15 drag slicks

Here are my times on this setup. I have vids but the timeslips are way too dull to get pics of and i dont have a scanner.

60ft: 1.81
1/8: 7.98 @ 87.3mph
1/4: 12.44 @ 109.51 mph

This run would have been probably a 12.0-1 @113 had i not lost a cylinder 300ft before the end. haha but still coasted to that.

60ft: 1.724
1/8: 7.87 @ 87.44
1/4: 12.47 @98mph

I have another but its on youtube. My setup has changed up to bigger and better and will be goiing for low 11's with the S15 bb t28 on 20psi, 520cc injectors @4bar rest is still the same other than addition of an aem wideband here to come

and finally the pic of the timeslip, haha took me a bit

2008-10-06 02:59:17
mine is 11.840@119.28 sc61@17psi
stock head cams intake manifold and block on 22x8 slicks

http://www.sr20-forum.com/showpost.php?p=124018&postcount=20 vid is in link
2008-10-11 19:57:16
93 NX2000 sr20ve - n-1 cams/3"exhaust/full interior

13.56 @ 101.44

2008-10-21 02:32:46
I gots a new time.


2008-11-09 05:53:45
here is my setup:
'99 P11 G20
SR20DE: 3" CAI, '91 high port cam, SSAC headers, 3A Racing muffler, 19* timing.

R/T: .301
60': 2.755
1/8: 11.286
MPH: 64.83
1000': 14.525

1/4: 17.297
MPH: 81.09

(left lane)

2008-12-15 13:59:01
I got a slip to add, but its not my car... well @ least the Sr20 powered car isn't mire. I'll let the owner chime in on his parts list when he gets a chance.

2008-12-15 15:21:45
Originally Posted by Super
I got a slip to add, but its not my car... well @ least the Sr20 powered car isn't mire. I'll let the owner chime in on his parts list when he gets a chance.

My setup is pretty simple.
Pulsar motor with pistons and rods
Stock head and cams
Upgraded S15 turbo
555cc injectors
E-manage (blue)
B15 tranny
22 psi
Motor had some head damage on #4 cylinder for about six months now ,caused by a previous Cometic HG failure, but still pulls hard. Just smokes a little.
I was trying to hit mid 11's before I fix it but this is close enough. Time to pull it apart then shoot for low 11's.
2008-12-18 22:42:22
91 se-r
stock jdm de
t3/t04e .60 .82
jwt ecu 50lb@4bar cobra 9.5.1
UR pully set

12.7@116 2.260ft on 10psi 338whp
2009-01-16 22:58:10
No B11 on the list
86 Sentra B11 SR20ve SR16VE pistons and cams(non-n1)
macakin 13.606 @ 102.7 MPH
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