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Thread: Want to make me a intake manifold (low port de n/a)?

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2013-09-17 21:09:19
Want to make me a intake manifold (low port de n/a)?
Not looking for the full on custom intake, but to use the stock flange/injector bosses/runners as the starting point.

Might even be possible to weld the plenum to the end or close to were the 2 piece intake comes apart. Like the bolt on Excessive plenum idea. Now it can be welded, but would be a nice option to bolt on. This route the runners would still be quiet long (shorter than stock though). You could also cut it back to a rough legnth which would be close to the ve/n1/20v runner length.

These are just some ideas, everyone feel free to chime in.

Hopefully you can source the stock intake flange locally to you.

Making an intake for low port de's suck because of the built in water passages ugh...

Willing to pay an arm and a leg for this.
2013-09-19 22:51:16
I can deff fab this up for you.

send me a pm or email
we can talk further
2013-09-20 23:36:38
This is mazworx 4 cyl plenum.. the web page has the dimensions. link > Universal 4 Cylinder Plenum Box - Fabrication Materials - Mazworx

This is the mazworx IACV mount. says s13 sr20det. that's all they list. Im sure the mounting flange/pattern is the same as low port sr20de.

for the throttle body flange im just going to order a 80mm throttle body from ebay since they come with the weld on flange. So that takes care of that.

just weld on the excessive plenum flange right to the runners and bam done! The only issue is its setup so cylinder 2/3 are closer together, as seen in the pic below. Now the low port runnes are all even coming away from the head.

I will take a look at the oem manifold again and get back
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2013-10-14 22:38:28

Looks like we will going with something along the lines of this pic (manny's manifold made my john @ o2induction). We will be using the stock low port flange (keeping the coolant port and injector bosses). Doug will be welding on runners with velocity stacks and the "D" plenum from "Rose Machine Racing". TB will be strait off the end and not at an angle. 90mm TB is currently in shipping to Doug right now
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2013-10-15 00:02:37
Keep an eye out for Doug Fab VE intakes also.
2013-10-15 00:17:34
Wish I had a fancy intake manifold....
2013-10-17 12:40:14
did you ever get around to those ve intake manifolds it would be nice to have some other choices available.
2013-10-17 13:31:06
Currently in the prototype phase. deff this winter.
2013-10-17 18:02:02
This is the start to both a low port and a VE mani

Gotta start welding.

Ordering up rest of materials soon.

Lowport 2" OD round runners

VE Oval runners


First cut

2013-10-17 18:10:10
Great stuff
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