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Thread: Doug Fab proud dealer of Injector Dynamic's!

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2013-05-13 14:53:39
Doug Fab proud dealer of Injector Dynamic's!
Doug Fab has recently partnered up with Injector Dynamics to provide forum members with the best injector on the market.

Ive noticed alot of members running these injectors so i figure it was only right to start offering these.

See this site here you can find out all the info you need on which particular injector will work with your application.

Injector Dynamics - Main Menu

Also you can message me if you have any questions.

ID offers 4 diff inj.

ID1000 (Most SR applications run these)
ID1300 (Brand New Release, Great for cars running E85 or Alcohol)

Anything you need for injectors I can get.
Injectors are a top feed, high impedance, either 11mm or 14mm.
There are thousands of applications.

Here is the part number that alot of members have been running. 1000. These are listed for SR FWD.
These will fit VE but purple tops will not be needed for most applications due to clearance probs with stock IAC Valve.
There isnt any application stirctly for VE yet but I have mentioned it to ID to make a seperate listing.

These inj can be purchased without the tops for about $10 less if interested.

Injector Dynamics matched up with a Doug Fab fuel rail is a win all day long.

Ask about Fuel system packages! Coming soon!

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2013-05-13 17:35:29
Sweet!!!!! Pm me a price for a 06A/N top feed fuel rail for a ve with 06A/N fittings in and out and ID1000cc injectors please.
Last edited by Scrildo on 2013-05-13 at 17-36-34.
2013-05-14 03:42:29
Bump. He is a great dude
2013-05-15 23:12:44
thank you Clyde!

It was a pleasure having you and your buddy over to the shop the other night.

I'm look forward to doing some big things in the future.
2013-06-12 23:23:03
If anyone is looking for a set of ID's and would be willing to be part of a Group Buy let me know.

If I could get 5-10 people I would be willing to give everyone a good deal.
2013-06-12 23:25:15
Fuel rail and ID sets are available.

PM me for pricing!!!
2013-06-21 18:48:56
Here is some info on a new injector that is being released.

Fresh on the market!!!

Injector Dynamics ID1300 Release Information
We appreciate your patience and support in our quest to fill the void between the ID1000 and ID2000. While both are great injectors, there are many applications that will benefit from something in between.

The ID1300 is an all new injector, designed in partnership with Bosch Motorsport to fill that void. This collaboration has given us the ability to design a high flow injector with characteristics specific to the needs of the high-performance tuner. The ID1300 is not a modified production injector. It is a clean sheet design, built to our engineering specifications, exclusively for Injector Dynamics.

The ID1300 was designed with alternative fuels in mind, and is the only high performance injector available with all stainless internals. It is compatible with all known fuels, and will stand up to the corrosive nature of alcohol better than any injector on the market.

While the ID1300 was designed with an eye towards ethanol fueled engines, we have accounted for the occasional need to convert back to gasoline. The ID1300 has a minimum fuel mass compatible with gasoline use, and will provide exceptional idle and cruise behavior under these conditions.

In addition to its multi-fuel capabilities, the compact body of the ID1300 allows for fitment in more than 200 applications, making it one of the more versatile injectors in our lineup.

PM me for details!
2013-06-22 02:28:30
pricing for ID725 & ID1000 please, set of 4 injectors.
2013-06-23 04:07:40
ID725 $480 shipped

ID1000 $480 shipped
2013-12-11 02:38:35
Whats the package dela for the rail and the ID1000?
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