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Thread: Doug Fab Fuel Rail's!!!

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2013-05-12 23:45:11
Doug Fab Fuel Rail's!!!
Here we go,
One of the first of many items to be offered from Doug Fab.

Top Feed VE fuel rails

All of you trying to run MSD or Inj Dynamics injectors this is the rail set up you are gonna need.

Rails are offered in 3 sizes, -6, -8 , -10.

6061 Aluminum

They are all a one piece design.
Provided with heavy duty mounting pedistal's. No flimsy brackets here.

All applications use O-ring boss end fittings to provide you with 100% leak free seal.
Fittings can easily be had to adapt ORB to AN, in straight, 45 degree or 90 degree.

-6 Rails can be had with previsions for stock fuel regulator and also a 5/16" hose barb for stock fuel hose.

As far as clearance to IAC valve. -6 rails using ID1000 injs will clear IAC.

Any taller applications like -8 or -10 rail or -6 with MSD/Precision will need intake spacer between upper and lower plenum. This can be supplied with rail.

These rails are made to order. Will be in stock soon which will allow same day shipping!!!

-6 Rail w/ provision for stock regulator $170 shipped

-6 Rail AN style $160 shipped. Port end fittings extra $25 for 2

-8 Rail AN style $180 shipped. Port end fittings extra $30 for 2

-10 Rail AN style $180 shipped. Port end fittings extra $30 for 2

Plenum spacers are still TBD hope to come in around $30-40 for those.

Other rails can be had such as DE.

Also Injector/Rail combos!

Seen here,

Last edited by Doug Fab on 2014-02-05 at 17-48-56.
2013-05-12 23:58:40
Count me in for one. What do you have in mind as far as pricing ?
2013-05-13 00:21:19
Any pictures?
2013-05-13 00:26:47
yes i will post the rest of the info soon. working on it as we speak
2013-05-13 02:09:22
all info updated on first post.

anyone who had pm'd me in the past couple months and is still looking for a rail. let me know and I will get it done for you.
2013-05-13 03:33:49
I have msd top feed injectorsright now but if i decide to go in the future with injector dynamics will i still be able to do it without having to switch rails?
2013-05-13 04:27:11
yep wouldnt be a problem. you would only have to change the mounting pedistals. i could just send you a diff set or you could modify them.
2013-05-13 11:01:26
I'll pick one up friday then pay day
2013-05-13 14:54:51
Just let me know when you are ready to order and what rail you will need.
2013-05-20 00:11:15
Can you pm me price of -6 top feed fuel rail with 1000cc ID injectors shipped for fwd ve without purple tops. Thanks
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