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Thread: No road course event?

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2015-03-14 12:27:00
No road course event?
@Madtec @LOUROK

Is the only issue with instructors?

Are you aware how many outside instructors we needed for 2013? I think it was 1 or 2 at most (but Joe @happynole or Jon Via @cavern would know more). I don't see how a lack of instructors is even possible. We bring our own instructors. That's how this works now, no?
Is the track not letting us do that for some liability reasons? I don't get it.

I understand this is a complicated and extremely stressful task. I'm not trying to make it harder, I'm just curious why what looks like a non-issue is causing us trouble.
Also, let the members take some of the load. Ask us to instruct. See if we can get together the $10k for a track rental. You're not alone.
2015-03-14 13:39:15

Here is a response from Chris White, the track manager for Summit point. Lou, Rob, and Mark were on the communication email chain and are aware of the situation.


I believe we could do a straight rental of the Shenandoah circuit and you could bring your own instructors. I can not supply any, but would pass the word that you would like some. If we did a rental, you would purchase a separate insurance certificate to insure your event. The rental would also need to be made out to a company or LLC, not a private individual. Your cost for such and event would approach about $8,000- $9,000 for the day. That would get you the track, corner workers, EMS, and a gate worker.

Chris White
Motorsports Coordinator
Summit Point Motorsports Park

Long story short, we cannot rent the track if we bring outside individuals........
2015-03-14 18:29:38
I am even more confused now. And I don't think I'm the only one.

@Madtec @LOUROK @SE-Rican @marksr20
Can anyone explain why the most recent official plan (attending the "Friday At The Track" event) isn't going to work? That's all anyone wants to know.
2015-03-14 21:18:44
Sounds like there is no official LLC or Company to rent the track from how I see it.
2015-03-15 02:33:33
There was a reason I put a deposit down for Roebling Road in 2009 and Atlanta Motorsports Park in 2013, and it was too avoid this exact type of bullshit. I am sick to my stomach to know that I twice stuck my neck and money out, as well as thousands of hours of time sacrificed from my life. At least there is the WCC to look forward to.
2015-03-15 03:08:00
Nismo Fiesta anyone?

Nismo Fiesta 2015

Nismo Fiesta 2015 in Austin!
We promised you big news about Nismo Fiesta this year and here it is! Nismo Fiesta will be moving to Austin, TX this year. This year's Nismo Fiesta weekend will by May 22rd thru May 24th. NF2015 has been working closely with The Driveway Grand Prix just east of Austin. We are excited about this year's event being our biggest Nismo Fiesta to date.

Nismo Fiesta is the largest all Datsun, Nissan and Infiniti event in the country. Nismo Fiesta 2015 will consist of a three day event from May 22nd thru May 24th in Austin, TX. We will begin the event on Friday night with an opening banquet at our host hotel, the lavish Austin Airport Hilton. The opening banquet will consist of our opening monologue, a Mr. K tribute ceremony and an update from Nissan USA.

For the Saturday event, attendees have their choice of a hill country cruise through the scenic Texas hill country or a full track day at Austin's own Driveway Racetrack. After a long day in the driver’s seat, the host hotel will allow for a relaxed mixer back at the host hotel where there will be a live band and much more.

Sunday's event is the largest portion of the 3 days of NF2015. The event will be held back at the Driveway Racetrack and will consist of an all Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti car show, a full course kart racing track, a mobile dyno, raffle prizes, a multitude of sponsors and vendors as well. We have a great event planned for you and hope to see you again this year.

Last edited by Chriscar on 2015-03-15 at 03-09-04.
2015-03-15 16:49:07
Originally Posted by Chris101
Sounds like there is no official LLC or Company to rent the track from how I see it.
Yah, but that wasn't the original plan. The original plan was to piggy-back on an arrive-and-drive style day. I still don't know why that plan has failed?

I heard rumors this morning that the arrive-and-drive day was canceled because a SCCA or NASA event has rented the track (sort of out from under us), and thus the arrive-and-drive day was canceled. Is that true?
2015-03-15 17:59:49
I just looked at the NASA Schedule for MidAtlantic (which I have no association with but their schedule is online) and they do show a Jun 6th - 7th, 2015

At Summit Point Motorsports Park event (not sure which track configuration or anything like that)

BUT of course an 'open' track day for arrive and drive would get canceled if a paying customer shows up to rent out the track (that is just good business sense)
2015-03-15 18:05:13

Please see the explanation on post# 49 of "Official dates, times, and places for the key party"
2015-03-15 21:25:03
It's still clear as mud to me. How on Earth are they offering to rent us the Shenandoah Circuit (which utilizes both the Summit Point circuit and Jefferson circuit) for any of those days when they claim BSR and SCCA are also going to be there? What circuit would they use if we rented the whole Shenandoah Circuit?

I guess I don't care anymore. So never mind. I'm only trying to help salvage the road course day by understanding the road blocks, but if it is not salvageable then I won't bother trying to make sense of it and just trust you that it is not a possibility.
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