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Thread: Future conventions: Theming?

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2012-06-11 21:39:18
Future conventions: Theming?
Just popped into my head today while at lunch.

I was talking with some coworkers about my uber fun weekend in Ohio, and mentioned that it was a reunion of sorts.

Then the title of the convention hit me... "2012 SR20 National Convention: The Reunion!"

Seems it was themed to an extent, or maybe I'm just crazy.

Which of course got me thinking this: "What if we had subtle themes in future conventions?"

Nothing crazy or over the top, but a theme of sorts that changes from convention to convention?

I know it's still VERY early to consider where we go with the '13 convention, but just tossing it out there so I don't forget about it in the future.

2012-06-11 21:42:30
I'm down for the no Keo theme.
2012-06-11 22:03:32

We should all print out meme generated KEO heads and wear them next year.
2012-06-12 13:16:22
Depends where it is na-meen?

You can only wear the Keo Masks if you carry fishing poles too.
2012-06-12 22:50:56
We should all print out giant fish heads instead. Then see if he can catch any of us LMAO.
2012-06-13 03:24:23
Forgive my out of touch ignorance...KEO?
2012-06-13 10:47:42
Originally Posted by Fatboyse-r
Forgive my out of touch ignorance...KEO?

He is a forum member that buys and sells, but never finishes a project.
2012-06-13 11:55:07
I see. Guess I had to be there ;-)
2012-06-13 12:03:53
Keo has literally never finished a project that I could recall. He's purchased more parts than I've purchased alcohol.
2012-06-13 12:26:14
Originally Posted by Fatboyse-r
I see. Guess I had to be there ;-)


I think I've done ~$15-20k worth of transactions with him over the years... He always hoards parts and parts out projects.
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