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Thread: JGY Customs Experience

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2016-06-02 23:27:30
JGY Customs Experience
Just wanted to share a recent experience I had with JGY customs.

As a part of my B13 build, I was looking for a fuel setup ( Rail and injectors)
Given my previously trouble free ordering from them, and decent prices I looked in their direction.

I decided to go with the JGY customs b13 fuel rail and 4 of the Injector Dynamics ID1000s.

On 5/23/16 I placed an order for the above mentioned items by phone, I spoke with Jason and during our conversation he advised that Injector Dynamics as well as Deatschwerks really weren't that great of injectors and simply had the best marketing available. He instead suggested that I go with the JGY 96lb injectors. I asked as to who really made the injectors and didn't receive a clear answer. But was a sucker for their reduced price. Before ending the phone call I paid by credit card, and was advised that the order would go out tomorrow.

The next morning 5/24/16 after reading some bad press about the JGY injectors
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( CT jgy fuel rail with 72lb msd injectors, plugs and resitors - Zilvia.net Forums | Nissan 240SX (Silvia) and Z (Fairlady) Car Forum )
I decided to call and change my order. In the past I have a very easy time getting Jason on the phone. That day I called several times (hoping to reach them before the original order was shipped). Around 3:30pm I got a hold of him explained that I wanted to change the order, Needless to say he was a bit disappointed. During him changing the order he mentioned that the injectors could be drop shipped to my address. Before the call ended I paid for the price difference in the ID1000s and requested adapter harnesses to bridge from the nissan denso style harness to the ID1000s body.

I called Friday 5/27/16 as I didn't see any tracking info emailed to me. I spoke with Jason again and he said that shipments incoming had been slow and that they received the injectors and were preparing to ship them out to me with the fuel rail. He mentioned the typically Injector Dynamics products come in a ID branded box but this time was an exception and they just arrived in a brown box. He said he felt this was worth mentioning as to not arouse suspicion given his earlier resentment towards Injector Dynamics.

Tuesday 5/31/16 I received an automated UPS email with the tracking information, informing that the fuel setup had been shipped.

6/2/16 I received the fuel setup shown below.
-I received no adapter harnesses
-No invoice showing the new order (just the old order)

Shouldn't they come with the same hats and lengths?

Thoughts? Advice? Given the bad press in regards to negotiating with JGY i think ill just protest the charge and ship everything back.
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2016-06-02 23:30:14
ID ships in nicely foam padded box. I'll post up the packaging tonight if I can find it as I think I still have it.

JGY is full of shit. You may have received used injectors.
2016-06-02 23:43:04
JGY is a terrible company. Fight tooth and nail.
2016-06-03 00:25:47
Sorry for your experience. You, like myself and many others, have learned the hard way. FJGY!

...dang, you paid the difference too.
2016-06-03 00:41:37
I would be checking the ID serial numbers with Injector Dynamics.
2016-06-03 01:20:35
I ordered a avenir oil pump and front cover from them, got the right cover but wrong pump. Called them and spoke to Jason I believe who was condescending as can be asking me if I knew what I was doing and that the pump would only sit properly in the cover one way. I continued my protest and he then took a few days to check his inventory only to realize that they sent me an s14 pump and the right front cover. They never even had my pump in stock, it took them another month to get the correct pump to me. I was almost forced to do business with them again when replacing my flywheel friction plate as the previous owner advised me it was a JGY flywheel. Luckily for me it was a Clutchmaster and I didn't have to deal with them again.
2016-06-03 03:01:33
Originally Posted by Kyle
JGY is a terrible company. Fight tooth and nail.

Seeing all of these constant threads, how are they still in business? Don't get it. They must do a lot of local business in person or something.

The only JGY part I ever had was their clutch disc which failed in a NA VE after about 4k miles. Springs broke right thru. Pic:

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2016-06-03 03:30:03
Double post oops
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2016-06-03 05:04:43
Someone should tag Mickey.... lol jk

But seriously... how did you not google them beforehand?
2016-07-15 23:22:56
So today I received a letter from my bank, stating that they were going to take back the credit from my account, indicating that the seller (JGY) has stated he had not received the items.

After a few hours of digging for a nearly 2 month old tracking number

This piece of shit told the bank that he had not received the parts i clearly returned...

For those interested:
Home Address:
Jason G Young
1301 Flowing Springs Rd Atkins, VA 24311-3096

Home Phone:
(276) 783-8171
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