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Thread: Beware! Of this crook beware! 96FearlessSER

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2016-03-17 04:38:18
Originally Posted by speedricer
$840 + 6 hours of time and gas money? Couldnt you've saved a lot by just ordering one shipped around the pregas money funds from a reputable dealer? I know its hindsight, but I plan on getting a VE myself in the future so I appreciate putting this guy on front street as someone to avoid

I was ready to order one from ebay stillon my history search of ebay pages but againthis deal came up and knowing that supposedly the engine was running good i said oh well if its running good ill just get it know , i wanna say how i really feel but for my respect and respect of others on the forum I'd rather shut upbut still mad as hell
2016-03-17 14:16:55
I've had very good luck with ordering from the importer myself. I've ordered a couple ve's a couple de's and a qr20 all that looked amazing and ran amazing.
2016-03-17 16:21:58
You can pull the head, oil pump, balancer, and recover a lot of your investment. That stuff sells like hotcakes. Hopefully the chain didn't slip and get the valves... Also take the crankshaft and find the guy who sold it to you and beat him down with it. I know it sucks but in the car game you gotta keep your head up and keep moving. I went through a couple engines because of stupid problems and it's hard to recover from but it's just time and money right?

Edit: Also if you ever order a engine don't go through Nagano (Something like that) They sold me a DET that looked like the VE you just bought and failed compression / leakdown tests that they said they had done before shipping. Also made me pay to ship it back...
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2016-03-17 20:21:17
sad thing is if you got an engine like this from an importer they would most likely say tough shit and you would have to eat it

guess we are lucky in my area with 2 importers that we can go look at motors and pick
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