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Thread: Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance...

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2015-09-26 03:45:51
Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance...
Hi Shawn B. Call your lawyer.

No one headed my word.

Jamie Marsh is going to fly to atlanta. He couldn't even drive 45 minutes down the road to get the pos motor he tuned in my nx running.

Mark Merliss, just a puppet collecting money.

Glad to see nothing has changed.

2015-09-26 05:43:01
You, him, and another person that will go unnamed unless they wish to speak up.

I wonder how many others have gotten screwed?
2015-09-26 11:28:49
Originally Posted by wildmane
You, him, and another person that will go unnamed unless they wish to speak up.

I wonder how many others have gotten screwed?

Myself, clearly, some one dig up my threads from 4 years ago. Terrible install, like a monkey, terrible tune, leaking over heating motor.

Justin chaplin got hammered on a g20. Purchase of a car, bad turbo, shitty tune.

Another individual who plans on posting up a thread tomorrow with his exprience.

Now there was a few more guys who had hit me up since i left. This was a while ago and i no longer remeber their names. I can try and dig threw some facebook messages and emails.

Long story short hey Jamie and Mark, still going no where fast huh, good to see that you both have continued to be succesful, dipshits lol.

2015-09-26 16:09:13
The good ol' Richard Stratton. Glad to see you still alive and throating penis.

That 2.3 is in a 4dr B13 in queens, still alive and well!

All bs aside, I missed you.
2015-09-26 16:13:12
Originally Posted by wildmane
You, him, and another person that will go unnamed unless they wish to speak up.

I wonder how many others have gotten screwed?

Here's the problem, when you deal with hundreds of people, you will always have some who arent happy for one reasons or another.

In Richards case, he got spanked by a K24 civic and realized his NX couldn't get any quicker on his budget.

Started the BS claims, sold the car (with my parts on it) and started on his rant.

Everything well documented. To this day that motor lives in a green 4dr down in Queens. Same ECU, same tune.
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2015-09-26 16:24:01
The Justin Chaplin claim is funny too.

Car was bought from a customer and sold to Justin. Same G20 he just asked me to drive up and get tuned/running.

Keep trying Richard, I appreciate the love.
2015-09-26 16:29:16
You sound just like Junior, zero responsibility taken for a piss poor install, horrendous wiring job and and a terrible tune.

Your a joke, we all know it.

Hopefully no one else gets ripped now that more people shed light on your extremely poor work.

2015-09-26 16:39:13
Oh you mean your best friend Junior.

The one who you defended to your grave until you weren't happy with your own, poor decisions.

Have fun with it. I'm an open target for this type of BS because of the failed deal with Justin/Mark/Shawn. Have at it, fabricate stories, have others join.

It has zero effect on me personally.
Last edited by SR20GTi-R on 2015-09-26 at 21-31-21.
2015-09-26 16:48:28
My poor decisions?

Man your memory is warped.

You are a crook, a theif and a liar.

It effects you in no way because you are a thief. Your world revolves around who you can take advantage of.

Youll never change. You ll always be that bummy, broke guy, spouting knowledge but unable to perform the quality work you speak so passionatly about.

Evidence is so many cars youve single handedly ruined, forum members youve ripped off, and unsafe crappy tunes youve given.

Twist words, make exscuses. Just here to further expose the snake in the grass.

2015-09-26 16:57:57
Lol crook? Theif? Bummy broke guy?????

Listen Stratton I've done more for guys in this community than you can ever imagine. I've given parts off my cars to get guys running, stayed up for days on ends just so they can make it to track events (even if mine sat because of it), did head swaps for guys like Happynole in the middle of a meet, just so he could make his way back home 1000 miles.

I don't make any money from this community. I have a job I dedicate all my time to, if guys come to me for tuning, I try to fit them in between that schedule.

I don't have to do it, I choose to do it. Customers continue to come back for these "shitty tunes" for some reason, even after going to guys like Miller etc. 5% of those cars are SR20 powered cars these days. Evo's, STi's and GTR's have my focus and continue to come back.

But continue, it just makes me laugh. I'll be that "bummy broke guy" building more cars and going faster than you ever will.
Last edited by SR20GTi-R on 2015-09-26 at 17-16-42.
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