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Thread: Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance

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2015-09-28 16:58:38
Part 1.

Originally Posted by marksr20
I was the one who chose the ecu as it was a collective decision between justin and I to go that route with the air to water setup and it would be better than having a MAF in the car(shawn was notified of this before it was purchased and installed). Jamie tuned the car and did a great job with it.

That was NOT your gawd-damned decision to make son. It was Jamies, always Jamies. Next time you do something that directly contradicts what the client point blank told you to do, you'll be lucky if the client does not withhold payment until you change it to the way the client ordered it. How fucking dare you change Jamie picking the ECU and then I have to listen to Jamie bitching about the ECU. It was NOT your choice on the ECU Mark you presumptive jackass, it never was.

Originally Posted by marksr20
The install looked great and I along with Shawn was very happy with the car when he came up to bring it back home during convention time. The few issues at that time were enough to turn him green (air conditioner not working and after he got into a tiny fender bender in a parking lot near the convention, no radar detector, deceleration issue that I could not replicate but was discussed with chris scarpulla that i still could not replicate, cold idle at 1800rpm normal idle at 900-950rpm) so we both came to the decision that flying him back home from the convention(which i purchased his ticket) and then flying him back when these issues were rectified would be the best solution(i purchased a one way for him from the convention and I reimbursed him for his flight back up here that he booked on august 31). I took the car back and left my truck and trailer with friends to drive back. The a/c was fixed, the radar detector was installed, the deceleration issue I could not replicate and is shown in the drivability video below. I drove this car just shy of 500 miles with not one issue other than air conditioning after Shawn drove it 500 miles without any issues.

Do not ever speak for me.

All those gawd-damned issues were there during the Convention. Sorry I could not be your QC department and find all your errors for you. During my vacation, with gout, recovering from a heart attack, in a parking lot, in mid June heat, while the whole forum watches.

Why don't you call Jimmi and his lovely girlfriend Monica right now? Call Kyle and his father, or talk to Daveracer, Jody or anyone in the parking lot with those guys. Ask ALL of these people whether the car had issues or whether I was happy at the Convention. Or if I was just putting on a "happy face" so that Marsh Tuning did not take heat in public.

Apparently it has not dawned on you that I was fucking pissed off and miserable during the entire Convention. From the time I hit your shop, I was dismayed, unhappy, disappointed, upset and pissed off. I was fucking being nice and trying not to be mad at men I previously considered friends. I felt sorry for you Mr. Anxiety. I was trying not to get too upset myself and have another fucking heart attack. You're gawd-damned lucky I was personally in such bad shape, and still considered you a friend (who was fucking up by the numbers) and therefore I did not put my hands on your sorry ass. Do not EVER speak for or presume how I was acting or feeling at the Convention.

Originally Posted by marksr20
The facts also show that there are some things I would not have done or wanted left on my car. Its obviously shown in the pictures. Having loose wires and an alarm horn hanging around is not professional. But having spark plug wires not in the holder and a fuse behind the battery that was in that location for his stereo equipment prior can be a bit nit picky. He has very valid points on a lot of things that I have and will again take blame for (even if I did not do the install as i was the one to facilitate this build). What I want people to understand is that Shawn saw all of this before he picked up the car the 2nd time(he drove the vehicle from thursday till saturday night and put over 500 miles on it and saw these issues first hand and was complimented on the car numerous times with nothing but praise and smiles on his face) but now its all of this. Being that I overseen the job and these problems made to to the customer now it is my blame that should be put on this not jamies. I had jamie do the tune, I had Justin Install everything and do all the work to the car, I sold all the parts and researched exactly what was needed for the install. Even though I did not pick up a wrench I will take blame as I oversaw(im probably repeating myself again but I need to make that clear).

The more legit fuck-ups you make as a contractor the more nit-picky and less forgiving the client becomes overall. At this point, you get ZERO slack of any sort, even on being lazy enough to not use a damn spark plug wire loom or a tie-wrap. This is how it works in the real world of business.

Do NOT speak for what I did or did not see. On my vacation, still recovering, limping through the parking lots with gout, and I was supposed to find your mistakes?!? This right here, is EXACTLY why you are clueless as you are still trying to shift responsibility for your fuck-ups to the client.

Once again, that Convention Happy Face was a gawd-damn acting job. Apparently a damn good one, as I was trying to shield my friends Mark and Jamie from public ridicule and scorn.

All this "I will take the blame" like you are nobly throwing yourself on your sword. How about, for once in your life, you just flat-out sincerely apologize? How about "I'm truly sorry, no excuses, no whining, I fucked up, can you forgive me?" How about that Mark?

Do you understand that if YOU bring in outside sub-contractors to work on a clients project, YOU are directly responsible for everything they do or do not do until that project is complete? Justin was working for YOU and YOU were working for me. YOU answer for his negligence.
2015-09-28 17:44:11
Part 2.

Originally Posted by marksr20
Now another subject on this matter is the amount of money it cost for this build and how we are hacks for doing it the way we did. Almost 2/3 of the price were parts alone. We did not take $9000 and say hey lets party with shawns money and leave him with shit. I then took the profit and tried to rectify the issues with the a/c line he had on the vehicle by purchasing used parts since new parts are discontinued. We chose a lot of high end parts for this build (NOT THE PARTS THAT I THINK SHOULD BE ATTENDED TOO and obvious in the pictures) and they were installed properly and enough for 3000 miles of cruising/beating/all around fun driving.

You and Justin hooked up that working AC line, and allowed it to hit the exhaust manifold. My wife knows how hot an exhaust manifold gets. You also allowed the radiator fan wire to hit that same exhaust manifold.

Your company fucked up the clients good working parts. That means that your company replaces the clients good working parts that got ruined with new working parts AND a gawd-damned apology for ruining those parts in the first place. And your company eats all of the associated costs. This is Business 101. How the fuck do you think you were doing me ANY favors by replacing parts that you and Justin allowed to burn on the manifold? Are you really this naive?!?

"3000 miles of cruising/beating/all around fun." Holy fuck, that is amazing that you tell yourself that bullshit. How about "2,500 miles of carefully driving the car, never exceeding about 5,000 rpm's, never launching hard, babying the car the whole way while praying it did not self-destruct."

Originally Posted by marksr20
Here are some of the things completed on shawns car that I feel are great modifications

Ve motor was personally tested and inspected by me then picked up and delivered by me back to our shop(knocking DE removed that was on PLAN A to be turbocharged, but plans changed)
ve motor was prepped for the complete setup front to back for a stock long block turbo setup
20v valve cover that is setup for coils from the factory was setup for spark plug wires and an 0bd1 dizzy (sorry the spark plug wires were not set in the holders properly)
370z seats were fitted and tested to shawn himself and questions were asked to see if they needed to be modified while he was here(which he felt were perfectly setup for his liking first try)
gauges installed and radio relocation along with a valentine one radar detector(radar detector was installed after the convention) that was supplied by shawn and modified by chris scarpulla
complete 3" exhaust setup made of vibrant mandrel bent material and tig welded here and fits/sounds beautiful
nissan oem gaskets all around (vet exhaust manifold gasket, nissan oem turbo gasket set, stage 8 locking washers/nuts for the turbo/manifold)
The turbo is brand new that has all a/n fittings for water lines and oil feed/return
The intercooler was brought into play so we didnt have to cut the 2 fog bumper and it had a very stealthy look/short intercooler piping for more efficient results.
The nismotronic ecu was installed along with a map sensor so it could be more driver friendly(my decision not jamies sorry to jamie and shawn on this but my opinion was to go this route, also having a map based car i felt would be less prone to the short term problems of the maf and he could drive down the road for years to come and obviously not). Jamie tuned this ecu and the video below will show the driveability, idle and all around based performance. How the car left our facility and was picked up.
AEM fuel pump install (E85 pump) just in case his fuels in Louisiana are more ethanol based than local to us I wanted to make sure he had the fuel pump to take care of that. Also a brand new oem filter sock

The exhaust and seats are fucking brilliant.

I have stated that the 90% is excellent. The genius however is in the details. The 10% is entirely fucked up, ugly, and should be humiliating to both you and Justin. You had two (2) tries to get it right and handed me a car with no fucking PCV system. On top of the motor, in plain sight, silver bung on a black valve cover that I purchased from you. My wife found this error in about 2-minutes of looking in my bay.

Jamie will tell you himself that the tune/ECU is fucked up. Jamie will tell you that he never did more than 5-minutes of street tuning with me driving, and he wanted to do more. Jamie asked me to quit sending him videos of how shitty the car was running.

Originally Posted by marksr20
I can go on with this list but a lot of time was put into this car. The goods about this car are great in my opinion. The bads in the pictures (to shawn and the opinions of the community) are not good in our eyes either but some of the things are really being nit picky.

The more a contractor fucks up, the closer the scrutiny of the contractor and his work.

This is real life. This is grown-up, professional stuff. This is how things work Mark.

Guess what Mark? You and Justin have placed yourselves in the "Scrutinize With A Microscope" category. That is where you and Justin, and any and all work you have or have not done, belong.

Originally Posted by marksr20
I WANT TO ADDRESS THIS DETAIL: BRASS T's are not Esthetically appeasing to the eye but work a million times better than plastic T's(this is what shawn suggested i use in that email posted along with a vacuum dist block). I agree maybe a vacuum distribution block(billet/black powdercoated etc) and Push lock vacuum lines would have looked a lot nicer in this car and cost a lot more (but he was willing to pay no argument there). BUT BRASS T's and the vacuum lines used(which will not collapse due to what material they are, if you argue this point for anything other than esthetic reasons I will have to prove you all wrong) will work properly and should not leak at all. Not the prettiest but def more than sufficient for the job. I will take blame for this even though i did not make this decision for that on the install, i did see them though, i also know shawn saw them months ago with no complaints until now).


Ugly as ass-crack, but functionally correct. Got it. You and Morgan have made the point. I can live with the ugly, long as it actually works fine and came from Turbonetics.

Make a note to yourself Mark, 98% of the enthusiast population on planet earth think these brass Turbonetics parts look like hammered ass sourced from the plumbing department.

And for fucks sake "Shawn saw them months ago" is NOT a fucking excuse nor acceptable explanation. I am NOT a fucking expert, have never driven a turbo B13, let alone owned one, and I am the least mechanically inclined guy on this entire forum. ME not objecting to something does NOT absolve you and Justin from responsibility. I am clueless on this shit, I hired YOU to be my expert and look out for me. That's what I paid you to do. So don't try to use "Shawn saw it" as justification or rationalization for your mistakes, oversights, or to explain away issues.

Originally Posted by marksr20
Another detail: The lights always being on with the 3 gauges above the radio: You drove your vehicle for 3 days and nights at the convention. This was something you looked at and must have seen every time. Not a complaint until now. But sorry thats my fault for not having it done on the dimmer switch. I dont know what was explained by justin on this but there was a reason he did it that way. Ill take blame for it though.

Once again "Shawn saw it...."

Hey Mark, YOU also drove my car for 500 miles. Why didn't YOU notice it?

Justin supposedly test-drove the car, why didn't he see how stupid it looks?

I drove the car down to the Convention in the daytime. I drove it as little as humanly possible, with no fucking AC, at the Convention. I took it to Waffle Hut one night with Kyle. I did not notice the lights on the gauges, in the heat, with the 110-180 temperature gauge, the stuttering upon deceleration (that has mysteriously abated since that time), the janky idle, and all the other issues. I am NOT your gawd-damn QC department Mark.

Don't forget to ask Kyle how good my acting chops are, and if I was really happy, or fooling people because I was worried about you and Jamie's reputations.

"I'll take the blame." Like you're doing us a favor. You DESERVE the blame. How about a simple, straight-forward, no nonsense, heartfelt actual apology? Try it sometime.
2015-09-28 17:59:53
Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance
Mark, I don't know you but you seem to be a man of good character who also wants a peaceful resolution to this situation. Thank you for presenting your side of the story and in great detail. As I see it now there is only one person who hasn't come forward with his side of the situation. We'll wait and see......
2015-09-28 19:07:52
Part 3.

Originally Posted by marksr20
All of these things listed in your complaint email were addressed in an email to you that i can see you did not respond to me directly. You went public. You all see the email, i will be going over the email to make sure it is exactly what I wrote as I have not read it in its entirety and compared to what I have in my files. I clearly asked and stated that: IDK what you want from me to rectify this situation, also that I may or may not agree with what you want to rectify this situation. Im still waiting to hear what it is that you want. You DROVE 2000 miles with the car. If you had this many issues why didnt you drive to the shop which was on the way home for you. It is 30 minutes south of the airport on the way home. If these issues were all this high on the demand list as you put them why did you drive 2000 miles home? Schedule is not an excuse because for someone to be in such an uproar about all this should have come back. Now I will accept these answers: 1) I dont want you people touching my car anymore 2) you guys are hacks etc i am not happy with the service 3) This is not what I wanted done to my car and your vision compared to mine is not on the same page so the hell with you im out and back to the home ranch.

I do not require any excuses Mark, nor do you determine or dictate what answers are acceptable. That is NOT how this works.

I do not need an excuse or reason of any sort for not bringing you my car for a THIRD TIME. You and Justin will never touch my car again in your lives.

Once again, it is my responsibility to be your Quality Control department? Tell me more.

You forgot: 4) All of the above.

What I want? The first thing I want is you and Justin to cover all of Jamie's expenses, including any necessary parts or shipping. I do not care if you are upside down on this and have to eat Ramen noodles for six months. That's paying the price, biting the bullet, acting like an adult and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Originally Posted by marksr20
This is the car I delivered to the airport: https://youtu.be/YzCF7uBbMQE

These are the videos that Jamie has. Jamie agrees the car is running like ass. Chris Scarpulla will agree the car is running like ass.


Originally Posted by marksr20
Now for all of you who think I intentionally did this to make problems or make anyones life miserable etc you are very mistaken.

I have been wondering if you and Justin did part or all of this on purpose. Particularly after the Convention. Just did not give a fuck. Did as little as humanly possible, nobody double checked anything, and just drop off the car at the airport. Basically "Fuck Shawn."

Originally Posted by marksr20
-I dropped the car off at the airport with a full tank of gas so they wouldnt have to worry about that on there first leg of the trip(had to get a ride back obviously)
-I had a spare key made for them at the dealr and sent in the mail so when I locked the key in the car for there arrival they would be able to get in
-Washed and detailed the car for there arrival
-drove the car back 500 miles from the convention to rectify issues that were clearly stated
-Left my Truck and trailer with friends to get this done and had shawn taken to the airport by friends in my truck while I drove back on sunday in his vehicle
-Took parts off my own vehicle that we could not find our source brand new or even used elsewhere just to complete his car properly(not what is admitted wrong by me but otherwise proper)
-The profit on the parts end was eliminated just with the flights back and forth for all who want to know, Extra was spent to cover everything else out of my pocket (My choice i did not ask shawn nor was that his fault)
-I tried to fix the a/c issue at the convention which cost over $150 after they told me it may or may not fix it (which it obviously did not fix it)
-I had a line delivered to the convention from Connecticut (500 miles) by a friend who was not sure on coming but made the trip because he knew I needed the part.
-The problem with the air conditioning which I need to confirm with justin was an electrical connection inside the high pressure line clip that would have never gotten the a/c to work without being in the proper position in the connector. Shawn told me the a/c worked the last time he used it approximately 10 months ago. We took blame for it not working and tried to fix it but it did not work. I offered to have him go to a dealer on my dime in Louisiana but he did not want that. The decision we came up with was a good one for both parties
-Had him fly in and I picked him up at the airport to bring him back to the shop and had him stay in my home.

You did indeed do some things correctly. I can see and acknowledge that even through my anger and resentment.

Originally Posted by marksr20
Most if not all shops will not have this sort of treatment for customers. Most will keep it strictly business and thats the bottom line, I try to go above and beyond because I feel that our small community is not only unique but I am a part of it and enjoy most that it brings to the table. I felt as though this car would be a great project to complete on many levels and have shawn happy. That is obviously not the case.

When a friend of the shop drops a 9K dollar job in their laps, and gives them 5 1/2 months, and two (2) tries to get it right, they go above and beyond.

I thought this would be a great marque project for you guys to show-off. Was so concerned and worried about you and Jamies reps at the Convention that I was physically sick about it.

Originally Posted by marksr20
Shawn has now brought his attention towards me and making it known that its a problem with every little thing down to the water bottle he didnt see on the passenger side floor board but in the video it shows it clearly along with the fact that it was mine to drink during my drive. I bet he will have a water stain on it now. He gets recreation from hitting you with every word he types and waiting for your reaction to be an Animistic approach at him so he has you nabbed in his fire pit of doom (aka the books of shawn).

This is clearly all my fault Mark. I'm so sorry. I'm just an unfair mean guy. Too picky about details. Can you ever forgive me?

Originally Posted by marksr20
Look at the response about Jamie and I being separate entities and using the marsh tuning name. For all of you questioning this it is simple: I am the sales/customer service representative as in parts sales and general technical service rep, Jamie is the Tuner and the more knowledgeable technical rep for marsh tuning. We both are under one roof and in the same house not separate.

Wow. You guys really, really, do not communicate. Holy balls.

I told you that I have been 100% transparent with Jamie. Including promptly answering all texts, phone calls, or emails Mark.

Originally Posted by marksr20
With that being said Jamie did not head this project for Marsh Tuning, I DID. Jamies involvement was for Tuning from my standpoint and that was my decision not his fault. He is willing to fix the issues at hand and being that Shawn didnt answer my email on rectifying his issues I went ahead and told Jamie that whatever he decides to do to make this right I will back him financially if he so chooses to accept my offer(meaning Jamie not shawn).

You and Jamie might as well be located on opposite sides of the planet.

I hope Jamie does take you up on your offer.

Originally Posted by marksr20
As for now I feel as though whatever I do or Justin Does is never gonna be enough, It will never be trusted, it will never be able to establish a common ground or truce or rectifiable situation with Shawn (from what type of post he has written up here obviously you all can see that).

Poor pitiful Mark. Beset upon by mean old grouchy picky Shawn. Shawn did not give you a fair shake, enough money, budget, or time and then he immediately jumped your shit with no second chances. I'm just terrible Mark. Is there any way you will forgive me?

Originally Posted by marksr20
Stating things as to try and split up peoples relationships in business and stating that he communicates better with my business partner than I do just means this: You are fishing for more attention from my end to blow up and act like a ridiculous person like you did by calling all of us " Motherfuckers and you would never talk to my face like this". What kind of verbal attack was that? A high school approach to get a rise out of me/justin/jamie anyone who was listening. I Dont feed into this sort of disrespectful behavior to rectify a situation, It is clearly unstable.

YOU are responsible for Justin and anything he does or does not do for, with, or to the client.

The first thing you should have done after his email, is punch him in the face, forbid him from EVER speaking to another client, and then gave me a full, heartfelt, sincere apology. First. Before anything else.

Instead you had the audacity to scold me for the use of "motherfucker."

You think I'm making it up about your relationship with Jamie? You should know Mark, whether you like me or not, that I don't lie. Maybe you should take a closer look youngster. I'm gonna say it one more time. I have been transparent with Jamie.

You had from Sept 6th, until Sept 23rd to avoid this situation and head off me going public. Well over two weeks to think.

You could have reconsidered your emails, wondered why you heard nothing back from me. Attempted to re-contact me, talked to Jamie about it, yet you did none of that. You just let it fester.
2015-09-28 19:40:00

As you read this, please ask yourself what is my motivation here? What would I possibly gain by being dishonest in my recollections, or accounting of my experience with the car? Just so everyone knows, I have zero skin in the game here. Not my car. Not my money. Not my decisions on which parts to use. I just wanted to have a road trip with a friend in a boosted B13. Sounds like a blast to me.

So my motivation is to act as an independent second set of eyes, and relate what I experienced with the car on the trip.

I'll make one diversion into personalities, and feelings here, and then I'll stick to the facts. Mark, you and I had a really nice phone call a day or two before I flew up to Connecticut. One of the things we discussed was how uncomfortable the Convention was for you because of the tiff between Shawn and you. I told you that I felt once some time had passed, you two guys would work things out, and put this behind you. I want you to know that after we landed and were walking through the airport, I told Shawn about this. He was genuinely upset, and said right then and there that he didn't want there to be bad feelings between you two, and he'd call you to work things out.

Ok, time to put the Kleenex away.

-First look-
When we got to the car, I popped the hood to get a look at what I'd be driving the next four days, and to check the oil. There were no paper towels in the trunk, so I just gave things a quick scan, noticed a few brass parts, (thought that was weird), a cheesy rubber battery tie down, and some general untidiness. In the short time I had the hood up, nothing game-ending jumped out at me, and since I didn't know what Shawn had agreed to (like the battery tie down), I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to put a damper on the trip.

Since you mentioned the electronics, I'll break that down. I swapped Shawn's Valentine1 for mine, and replaced the remote display with my V1 Bluetooth adapter, installed windshield mounts for my phone, and tablet, ran usb cables to them, and plugged in an FM modulator, and iPod touch. The phone was the hotspot for the tablet and iPod touch. I ran WAZE and V1 remote display software on the phone and tablet.

-First drive & The tune-
The first time I turned the key, I noticed the backlighting for the center gauges. I thought that was odd, and swung the dimmer control back and forth a few times, and realized that the lights were going to be full blast all the time. Facepalm

The plan from the get-go was to head west, since I wanted to show Shawn Limerock Park.

The bucking on decel was there all along. You and I spoke about it at length when you called me a day or two before we left. I told you on that call, that I suspected it might have been related to fuel cut on decel. So you experienced it, Shawn experienced it, and I experienced it.

At first I assumed the car just needed to be warmed up for the fuel cut on decel to become active. That's how it works on my Miata’s ancient Megasquirt. Until the car warms up, the ECU is in enrichment mode, and fuel cut on decel is deactivated.

Well, according to the water temp gauge, the car never really warmed up. That lead me down the thought process trail of, is it the large radiator, did they leave out the thermostat, is the temp gauge broken? When we got to Ostlund's house on the second day, he suggested that the sender was wrong. 2 points for Ostlund. How did you never notice that the car never came up to temp, Mark?

The car drives like a peach on the highway, at light load. No different than a Ford Focus, or any other car that's loafing along, eating up miles.

I wish I had a video showing the boost, water temp, and AFR gauges all at the same time. Such a video would clearly display the constantly low water temp, the no fuel cut on decel, and the pig rich AFR under load. Jamie is already working with Shawn to resolve the tune, so it's kind of a moot point, but it needs to be understood that a 2,000 mile road trip with an unhappy tune puts a constant cloud over things. Not to mention the never ending idle oscillation when the car was hot (how hot, I do not know, because the of the water temp sender/gauge mismatch). Every time we came to a stop light/sign, or were caught in traffic, or we pulled over for any reason, there it was. Up, down, up, down, up down. It's maddening.

'Couple of chumps sitting at the light, in an old econobox that can’t idle.

This may not cover everything, but I wanted to get my thoughts down 'on paper' in a timely manner after your post. If there's anything specific you want my reply to, please post it here, or PM me.

-One last thing-
You thought it important enough to call me before I saw the car, and Jamie thought it important enough that he contacted me immediately after Shawn's first 'Houston we have a problem' email, and we had a 30+ minute phone conversation. Again, I have no dog in this show. But now that it's public, it's important for me to contribute my experience, and observations.

2015-09-28 19:46:09
Originally Posted by blusteelsr20
Mark, I don't know you but you seem to be a man of good character who also wants a peaceful resolution to this situation. Thank you for presenting your side of the story and in great detail. As I see it now there is only one person who hasn't come forward with his side of the situation. We'll wait and see......

Is this real life?
2015-09-28 19:57:28

@Shawn B, can you fix this link?
2015-09-28 20:05:46
Part 4.

Originally Posted by marksr20
I spoke to shawn via email to close out any business that we had outstanding (prior to him going public) and all of the items that were left at my shop that he wanted back I had shipped to him either by my $$ or his. This transaction is completed on that end. There is nothing that needs to be given to him from Marsh Tuning and payment is completed in full from Shawn and any Refunds or reimbursements have been given to shawn and completed. Items that were left here per the instructions of shawn will go to Andrew in Canada or in the trash as far as I am concerned. I did my part on the business end and he received everything he paid for parts wise and has driven the car home(2000 miles).

Yeah. Re-read your emails, I never agreed with or to any of that crap you just typed.

Originally Posted by marksr20
Watch this video again to justify where I was coming from when I delivered the car to the airport. Find one thing wrong with this video.
I am being told that he has videos of the car running and he has sent them to jamie and a lot of videos at that. If he doesnt want to share them to save his "friends" tuner reputation then I understand. But the car left our hands and went into his possession in the same condition and driveability as the video above.

And I received the car in the condition pictured below.


The same videos your partner has had for at least a week or two.

Originally Posted by marksr20
I question many things on this whole transaction but the only thing that comes to mind with every questions is this: I will always be looked at as the bad guy, the hack, the crook, the guy who took $9000 and gave him shit, the person who never should work on these cars again, the guy who just cant do anything right, etc etc etc.. I can explain myself to everyone in the same fashion in person or in a video and it will still be portrayed as something other than what it actually is. I have nothing personal against Shawn or anyone else on this forum or on facebook pages etc. I only tried my best with what I had and didnt ask for more(which was my fault) and I also didnt observe every piece that was in plain site from what is obviously stated, I also didnt observe everything underneath that I should have searched for or assumed it would have been done(my fault again and I take blame for it).

You made your bed Mark.

Originally Posted by marksr20
But to call this car a hack job and to go as far as saying (from an OG member supposedly): " i wish I was able to take the car completely apart and redo the whole setup for you" is another idiotic statement. This car drove flawless all the way up to the point when it was delivered, it drove 2000 miles back to his home and I have yet to see videos of the car running. Since you went public I would like to see the videos so we can all determine how bad it really is and if its a mechanical/electrical or some other issue. Also when they got to the car at the airport the last thing I heard from anyone on the phone was Chris Scarpulla stating to me that he was hooking up all of his electronics? Idk what he had for that stuff if it was music componenents or gps units or laptops flux capacitors IDK. But Chris knows his se-r's and Im assuming in a very positive manner that everything he did to enjoy his 2000 mile trip was a well planned out and executed install. With all that being said I dont see Chris (OG SE-R guy) and Shawn (The perfectionist-"i dont mean that in a negative way in this statement) driving a car 2000 miles without it being mechanically sound and tuned properly. Being that 500 miles was driven for shawn prior and 500 miles for myself with witnesses and no issues whatsoever I feel as though these discrepancies may be more towards personal preference.

It is a hack job, two (2) different guys on the way home told me point blank they wish they could rip out the motor and start over.

Videos posted.

What are you babbling about with Chris and his electronics?

You're "assuming" Chris drove the car and it was "mechanically sound and tuned properly"?!? Denial is not a river in Egypt Mark. Do you know how to diagram "assume"?

"No issues whatsover" except a shitty idle, stuttering upon deceleration, no AC, a temp gauge that was reported to you as grossly inaccurate. Once more, just for fun. I am not your fucking QC department Mark. Neither is Chris Scarpulla.

There is NOTHING "personal preference" about the car running like ass. Jamie, your partner, has acknowledged this as an indisputable FACT Mark.

Originally Posted by marksr20
The vehicle was shipped to us and when I drove it in the parking lot and put my foot on the clutch it would stall out(this was normal to shawn). I dont understand the mindset sometimes, one day he is fine with an 1800rpm cold idle after I explain to him that im sorry this seems to be the only problem with the idle at this time but its a turbo car and I would hope you warm this up before you drive the car(also stating that a 950rpm operating temp idle is what he has in his vehicle as well)------ then the next day after he speaks to Chris S. it turns into an irate moment of " Im not fucking driving a car that has an 1800rpm cold idle when nissan set it at 1500rpm from the factory and thats what I want or else.

Shawn is NOT an expert on turbo-charged Sentras.

On the other hand, Chris, Cody, Matt, Mark and Tim have plenty of expertise. So does your partner Jamie who thinks the tune, ECU, or both are fucked.

Guess what Mark? I don't understand your mindset at all either. You are an alien life-form of some sort to me.
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2015-09-28 20:08:13
Playlist link https://goo.gl/HiQ8Cz

2015-09-28 20:09:13
Originally Posted by mirrortints

@Shawn B, can you fix this link?

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