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Thread: Marsh Tuning and Morfius Performance

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2015-09-24 01:51:19
Are we reading the same thread?
2015-09-24 01:59:37
Originally Posted by happynole
The point is, Jamie didn't build the car, Justin whoever did and half assed a lot of things. Shawn admits to anyone who asks that he is not mechanically inclined, hence his willingness to ship his baby across the country and then pay a hefty price for it to be built. Sadly, his (Jamie's) name is associated with this travesty.

Jamie's work in tuning is exemplary and in almost every instance above reproach. This was not one of those instances.
I am inspired to hear that he is helping to rectify the situation.

As usual, Joe is 100% on point.

Jamie and I are in agreement on pretty much everything. Including the fact the car is not running correctly, and it was an incredibly sloppy installation. This is NOT Shawn vs. Jamie.

I dealt with Mark 99.9% of the time. Justin turned the wrenches.

At the same time Jamie's last name is on one of my invoices, which puts both Jamie and I in an awkward position. My friend Jamie needs to be much more careful about paying attention to who's doing what in a company with his name on it.

What's funny is working with Jamie on the solution to an issue, while Mark and Justin are still denying that specific issue exists.
2015-09-24 02:06:36
Originally Posted by BoOMbATz
I could vouch for Jamie and justin,cause I was there during the build.And when Shawn B came down to the shop,he was telling all of us how great the car came out.And after the tune he was all smiles.Only issue the car had was the AC not working.But other than that,He was happy.Car drove from CT. To VA. No problem and back.My boy justin does great work.Most I could say is ShawnB should call him as a man and not bash him on the forums.And put all this to an end. Heres his number again call him (203)641-8859

They had the car for months, it was supposed to be ready for the convention
Shawn flys up, gets the car, drives it to VA, it's FAR from done and sends it back to CT to get fixed
It sits for months, and finally a few weeks ago, they say it's done, drop it in the airport parking lot, and run.

Shawn gets the car to my place, and I could have written a book on the stuff that either wasn't done correctly, wasnt' done at all, or was done sloppy.

This isn't your typical situation - it was a 10,000 dollar job. Imagine what you you'd think if you paid 10k and got that...a little strange huh?

Sure we could argue that the car did make it to Lousiana...and that's cool and all....but bozo kids buy junkyard engines from South Kearny NJ and they go 50,000 miles too all banged up and broken too...

- - - Updated - - -

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie

come on man you think because guys are old or post count is high that they have credibility? not one guy mentioned in your posts could out build or out tune Jaimie. And I'm pretty sure the last few conventions have shown that without doubt.

I think you missed the point where Shawn gave the team an unlimited budget, to build the best thing they could, and it turned out as good as my first turbo car that I built back in 02/03 without a lick of turbo related knowledge, on a platform that didnt' have hardly any aftermarket support at all (U13 Altima). This was 9k+ spent on a DET swap...again it's not like we're building a Auzzy V8 super car here.

For the cost of stuff involved with the car, it should have been perfect. I know you're sticking up for a friend with Jaime, and there is no doubt that he can tune, but this thing was not finalized...it's almost as if the bare mininum was done to it, just to get it down the road. You also forget that Jaime's name is ON the build - this car is representative of his name, and what the shop had done...thankfully he's been as forward and helpful as he can, but at the end of the day regardless of who turned the wrenches on it, his name is on the bill, and they took the money knowing full well it wasn't right after MONTHS when it went to convention, and wasn't right when it went back to get fixed for months again. That's just bad business. If you can't talk to your partners, why let them put out stuff under your shop? No way.

Sure are some of the isuses small? Yes. Can they be fixed? Sure. Shawn admittedly said he's not a mechanic, which is why he set the cars to 'professionals' to get built, only for it to come back in a way that he could have done himself with forum DIY's and youtube. It would be like me throwing a clutch in a truck, but reusing a clutch brake, and not adjusting it when I was done...sure its' in, sure it works but....
2015-09-24 02:37:00
Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
the pcv, ac wiring, TB coupler, heater core hose, and fuse box are the only semi legitimate complaints i see

Shawn was up front with Merliss from the get go, and told them numerous time that he wanted it done properly, to a professional standard. Merliss is WELL aware that Shawn is a high maintenance guy, and accepted the job.

Now are you trying to tell us that you'd be cool with dropping that kind of money, and getting a car back with no, as in zero PCV system? Both ports open to the atmosphere? And not just once, but twice?

They were under NO time limit after the convention ended. Shawn got the call after Merliss and company decided the job was done to the best of thier ability.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
all morfius issues and have nothing to do with marsh tuning.

Shawn was not presented with an US and THEM build. He dealt directly with Merliss, as a partner in Marsh Tuning. Merliss (as Marsh Tuning) accepted the job.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
the rest are things that took you longer to type then it would to correct and imo you are at the point your just nit picking now.

He's the damn customer. The shop which he paid thousands of dollars in labor to, had the car for months, and they left the engine bay no better than it would have been if an 18 year old noob had slapped it together.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
you supplied the water temp parts to them then complain they're wrong?

There were at least two temperature sensors in the package that Merliss recieved. It takes 3 seconds to look at the temperature range stamped on the sensor to know if it's the correct one for the gauge, and even if you don't take the time to check it, Shawn TOLD them the car was running too cool. Even with the sensor in the car, I was able to read the stamping, and knew it was wrong. Obviously nobody looked at it the first time, or after the customer raised the issue. You'd be ok with that if you paid for the job to be done properly?

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
and recharge your precious ac?

Really? You're mocking him for expecting the AC to work?

The compressor and o-rings were replaced, and the A/C was recharged. Then it all leaked out as we drove south. My bet is they either over tightend the fitting, or pinched an o-ring. This would have been discovered had they shook the car down as he asked them to do numerous times.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
now to address your tuning.in VA the only thing you praised was how well the car was tuned and how it drove. if i remember correct you said it was so great you have to "tune your foot to learn how to drive it now".

Shawn has no point of reference, having never driven a turbo car for an extended period of time. I have, and I know when it's right. This tune was so far from right, it ain't funny. Any throttle over 20% slammed the AFR gauge to 10:1, so it was pig rich in boost. I wouldn't be surprised it the actual AFR was more like 8:1

Boost did not come on smoothly, and the car just didn't have any kind of eager feeling to it, to the point where I had zero desire to get on it. I drove the entire 2,000 miles, including the Tail of the Dragon both ways, and with all the 5 and 10 mph turns, I only downshifted to second maybe three times, that's how much I didn't want to ring the car out. If this were my NX or SE-R when they were boosted, I would have been roasting the tires out of every hairpin. I may have chirped the tire once on the entire trip, when pulling away from a stop sign. That's fucking pathetic.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
So if you all of a sudden are having some type of issue you might want to contact nismotronic cause i have yet to see a car run on that computer.

Jamie is in full agreement that the tune needs to be worked on.

Originally Posted by SrBoostJunkie
not one guy mentioned in your posts could out build or out tune Jaimie.

Jamie didn't build it, and any of us, and I assume you as well, would have taken enough pride in our work to not have such a shabby, sloppy engine bay. I've done a few turbo B chassis installations for people, and you can be damn sure every zip tie was facing in the same direction, and there were no open PCV ports, or nuts and bolts missing from the engine bay.

How can someone represent their shop as a professional establishment, take someone's money, and give them this kind of shit?

I guaran damn tee you, that you wouldn't be cool with it if you had laid that kind of money down.
2015-09-24 02:37:25
Most I could say is everyone doesn't know the full story,But like I said Shawn should call Justin he has the number I posted it already.
2015-09-24 02:55:00
You've heard Shawn's side. And Cody's side, and my side. You will hear Schoenholz's Fatboyse-r side, and Ostlund @paNX2K&SE-R & Tim Rogers may chime in but neither of them are active on the forum these days.

None of us have any skin in the game, but I drove it for 2,000 miles over four days, and they all saw the car since we spent the night at each of their houses. Now when people who've been fiddling with these shit boxes for decades ALL shake their heads, and more than one says they wish Shawn would leave the car for them to un-fuck it, something is obviously way wrong with the work they did on that car.
Last edited by Chriscar on 2015-09-24 at 12-33-32.
2015-09-24 03:08:16
Wow. Does miko still do builds?

I know that Shawn is always referencing oem plus. That is not oem plus. No interest at all in this, and based on the pics, but 10k is not that.

Hope this all gets worked out. Good for drama, but bad for vendors and forum relations.

Subd fo sho tho.
2015-09-24 03:12:47
Originally Posted by BoOMbATz
Most I could say is everyone doesn't know the full story,But like I said Shawn should call Justin he has the number I posted it already.

What is your real name?

Re-read Justins smart-ass, snide, obnoxious, condescending bullshit email above and tell me why I should discuss anything with Justin? I'm the guy that paid Justin 3 grand in labor and $800 in install parts. I'm the fucking client, was justifiably upset, had not gone public at that point, and he speaks to me in that fashion?!?

Your Brainiac buddy Justin DARED ME to put this online. Read it. It's right up there, quoted verbatim.

Now he wants a civil private discussion to present "his side"?
2015-09-24 03:19:59
Originally Posted by BoOMbATz
Most I could say is everyone doesn't know the full story,But like I said Shawn should call Justin he has the number I posted it already.

Shawn doesn't need to call Justin to get this straightened out at this point. If Justin had taken care of issues as he should have, there would be no thread right now for any of us to read. Like @Chriscar said, you would not be happy as the customer paying the money Shawn paid for the final product he got.
2015-09-24 03:22:19
Maybe you would have not got a snid,condescending email from him,had you called him(justin) and discussed the situation with him prior to sending Mark a threatening email.
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