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Thread: buyers BEWARE of (Storm88000) aka jordan white

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2014-09-10 20:18:13
Originally Posted by Kyle

Once again, I am not for or against either party but merely trying to pool more information together. I think this may be a waste of my own time but my goals are simply to help collate all information to one thread to help both parties achieve a positive resolution.

I didn't edit any information though, I just closed it. Also don't see how that breaks a rule as the first thread was closed, the second was created weeks later for the same item yes, but a totally different sale and I even listed the location as Pomona, CA which is where he lives and requested local pickup. When it didn't sell within a week he started going nuts again, again I was just trying to help him out. He wouldn't even take 30 seconds to make the thread himself. I'm pretty sure his mind was made up from the get-go. Now according to Paypal he has to spend $130 or whatever to ship the thing back. And I was also in South Carolina for the last 2 weeks and just returned a few days ago, not that matters, but as some of you know I'm basically living in a hotel these days back up in PA because of whats going on at home, and it's day to day for me. He didn't seem to care when I said that a dent in his header is not #1 priority at the moment, I was on the phone with UPS 4-5 separate times for sometimes as long as an hour when they lost the package for 2 days, I did everything I could. If I felt I did anything wrong I wouldn't be posting in this thread, I'd just not sign on the forum like chapnutz or whatever does. From what I've seen, being that I have undergrad and graduate degrees in psychological science (not that that makes me an expert or anything but I know some) - he has some type of paranoid personality disorder. The first time I really knew this wasn't going to end well was when he accused me of scamming him at the UPS store to pocket the difference in fake vs. actual shipping costs, I believe he thought I was pocketing the difference, when the reality was it ended up costing me $24 of my own money and I told him not to worry about it. Sigh
2014-09-10 20:19:27
Originally Posted by mirrortints
With the damage from the towing company, that was the only pic posted of this header??? Seriously???

There was just a few scrapes at the very bottom which was already reinforced (as I mentioned it had extra piece welded on the very bottom for protection), and I told buyer about the scrapes privately. He's just being dramatic.
2014-09-10 20:22:50
@Storm88000 You actually created a second for sale thread FOR HIM after he received it and wasn't happy? Wow, dude has nerve.
2014-09-10 20:27:49
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
@Storm88000 You actually created a second for sale thread FOR HIM after he received it and wasn't happy? Wow, dude has nerve.

Yep, ha. I was trying to make peace with the whole situation so I did it for him. The whole 30 seconds it would have taken him to post it, he couldn't do it. But I'm supposed to bend over backwards for this guy, I sent him what he paid for, UPS lost it for 2 days, threw the thing all over the place and then he files a claim and they reject it even though their own STORE picked the box for it and sent it to him, so he goes after me then I guess.
2014-09-10 20:52:28
Originally Posted by speedricer
Did you take pictures of the packaging and the box? Post em up?

Admin can we see the pre edit in the thread?

I'm confused.....OP says Jordan packed it, Jordan says UPS packaged it?.....who packaged it?

yes, I did take pictures as stated on the first post.. I will post everything up by today...

also the answer to, "did jordan packaged that", has already been answered.. the answer is yes.. he clearly stated that he bought the box himself and that he packageD it.. there is no pictures however of packaging supplies because there wasn't any..do you actually think that a worker from UPS would ship out a header like that?? seriously??
2014-09-10 20:55:40
Originally Posted by speedricer
I honestly havent looked over the original FS ad, so I dunno if he didnt mention them, would be pretty hard to miss on something like that, but i just mean in general, dont assume. For a better example if you were buying a car...my cruise control doesnt work, but i NEVER use it, so i know thats something i would forget to mention....you know what i saying.

Here you go...http://www.sr20-forum.com/classifieds-naturally-aspirated/74979-jmr-4-1-header-sold.html
2014-09-10 20:59:19
Originally Posted by Storm88000
@Kyle, I haven't edited posts for the sale, I didn't even know it was still around. Nothing on the header was crushed, I think I was being over-dramatic back in May or whenever because I was angry at the tow company. Have him send photos of it to you of the bottom, it's fine. I even have an extra piece of metal welded to the bottom to protect the lowest part of the downpipe in the event it ever bottomed out. I'd ask him to post photos but I wouldn't be surprised if he smacked it with a hammer before he took the photo. Can't trust the guy

you see the mentality that you have?? and how You're quick to judge a person by the way that you are yourself,Smh.. like I have time to do all this just because I wanted some money back on a damaged header that you sold to me and didn't tell me it was damaged when you literally knew it was...
2014-09-10 21:00:58
For the 20th time, it was sent directly from the UPS store, in a box they gave me. They said nothing about packaging and said nothing about having any problems with it. They saw everything, they taped up the box I assume once I left. And besides the buyer refused to pay any more for the shipping costs, despite the fact that it already cost me $24 out of my own pocket, which I told him not to worry about because I thought I'd give him a break. Now that I know UPS doesn't honor their insurance claims I won't be using them again, too bad I didn't know that before. If OP was expecting a 4 year old exhaust manifold to look pristine he's out of his mind. When it's on a tracked car of course its not going to be perfect, hence the asking price was 1/2 of what they were new ($700~ish). I've seen people pay $500+ for a used one of the same brand.

Gspec has a similar 4-1 header going for $895 brand new: http://gspec.com/p-7534-header-20.aspx
$350 is about what mine should have been sold for considering it's age and minor imperfections.

Also, OP conveniently hasn't mentioned that his Paypal claim is fraudulent. In the description I received of why he filed a dispute, he wrote that I sent him the "wrong model" and "wrong size" - lol. Yep, sure dude.
Last edited by Storm88000 on 2014-09-10 at 21-07-10.
2014-09-10 21:05:24
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Sounds like textbook buyers remorse.

it could sound like whatever you want, all I know that if it was you in this situation you would have a different point of view..
2014-09-10 21:07:42
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Sounds like textbook buyers remorse.

My first gut feeling was this actually, or maybe he found a header he wanted more from someone else, but it was too late at that point. I told him I consider myself an honest person but there was no way to win in this situation. He basically tried to extort me of $175.00 or if I didn't pay up threatened to "ruin me" etc. So I said fine send the damn thing back I'll refund your money, then he started saying I'd have to refund both shipping charges, so the $130~ish from me to him, and then $130 from him to me, that's $260 + $350 = $610 - ridiculous.

once again there you go with your jumping into conclusions...
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