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Thread: buyers BEWARE of (Storm88000) aka jordan white

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2014-09-10 19:03:06
Did you take pictures of the packaging and the box? Post em up?

Admin can we see the pre edit in the thread?

I'm confused.....OP says Jordan packed it, Jordan says UPS packaged it?.....who packaged it?
2014-09-10 19:09:06
@Kyle, I haven't edited posts for the sale, I didn't even know it was still around. Nothing on the header was crushed, I think I was being over-dramatic back in May or whenever because I was angry at the tow company. Have him send photos of it to you of the bottom, it's fine. I even have an extra piece of metal welded to the bottom to protect the lowest part of the downpipe in the event it ever bottomed out. I'd ask him to post photos but I wouldn't be surprised if he smacked it with a hammer before he took the photo. Can't trust the guy
2014-09-10 19:13:31
I'd like to see photos....proof needs to be presented. I think most of use can tell the difference between "street rash" and the consistencies of a hammer
2014-09-10 19:14:50
Sounds like textbook buyers remorse.
2014-09-10 19:19:36
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Sounds like textbook buyers remorse.

My first gut feeling was this actually, or maybe he found a header he wanted more from someone else, but it was too late at that point. I told him I consider myself an honest person but there was no way to win in this situation. He basically tried to extort me of $175.00 or if I didn't pay up threatened to "ruin me" etc. So I said fine send the damn thing back I'll refund your money, then he started saying I'd have to refund both shipping charges, so the $130~ish from me to him, and then $130 from him to me, that's $260 + $350 = $610 - ridiculous.
2014-09-10 19:24:11
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Originally Posted by 91sentragti-r
Hello Ben Fenner, I'm contacting you to inform you about the bad transaction i'm having with Jordan White, aka storm88000. Jordan posted a jmr header for sale in which he didn't post the actual physical description other than a picture in which the damage wasn't visible.. i didn't think much of it since it's logical that if "I" or "anyone" was selling something and it had slight damage or some type of flaw, then it should be listed on the description to let the potential buyer know before hand...well Jordan didn't do that, header arrived with a big surprise for me.. now let's get into his packaging skills, Jordan claims that he has had over 100 transactions on this forum but yet he thinks that throwing a header in a 20x20x36 cardboard box without any packaging supplies is appropriate... the header even got more damaged while in transit from Pennsylvania to California, because of his lousy packaging skills... lastly i contacted Jordan to inform him about my disappointment and that the item didn't arrive as described to try to get some type of resolution, but it was clear that he wasn't going to step up as a man and take some type of responsibility...the reason why i say "some" is because i gave him the option of a partial refund.. Jordan proceeded to tell me that the item had insurance of $350 dollars and for us to attempt to file the claim in which i did because as i said it was clear that jordan didn't want to be held accountable for it.. i followed the directions from UPS and sent everything they asked for.. i was contacted by them and they said that they would contact jordan with the final decision.. However Jordan never contacted me back and claims that he never got reached out to, so i called UPS myself and they told me that they in fact had contacted him to let him know that the claim was "DENIED" because of his improper packaging..i gave Jordan an opportunity to resolve this matter before filing a claim through paypal and having this matter come to this but he simply didn't care.. he stated for me to do whatever i wanted and that the claim wouldn't go through anyways.. i filed the claim through paypal already and now i want to let you and the community know what this guy Jordan is all about... p.s i have most of the conversations we had through txts and email plus the pics from when it first arrived to when the box was first opened..

1) If he didn't post the actual physical description did you assume it was in perfect physical condition?
2) If the physical condition of a used exhaust manifold is important to you why would you buy one without a physical description?
3) What's the damage?
4) Is it usable or is it damaged to the point that it can not be used?

I'll do my best to answer-

1) I told him while it was $700 header, it was also on my car for 4 years and not perfect. I said it had the normal wear and tear when we spoke about it. The photos he sent me of the header when got it look like it got 1or 2 dings in the shipping process, and even though it would make no difference in its functioning, he threw shit fit. If the thing arrived broken in half, sure, but sending a header from PA to CA is a long trek. I sent it with the box THE UPS store put the thing in, and THEY sent it to him. They also lost it for 2 days, and I saw pictures of the box, it looked like it had been thrown off a 2nd floor window. Unacceptable what they did to that, and since that company is creeps and I had purchased $350.00 in insurance, they still wouldn't cover it, so he came after me. I'm never using UPS again FWIW, horrible customer service.

3) From photo he sent me there are like 2 very minor dings here or there.

4) Not at all, it is 100 percent functional. All in one piece. I can't understand someone getting THIS picky over a 4 year old header that was installed on my car the entire time. And he saw the photos of it before I sent it. It sucks what UPS did or didn't do, and I feel bad for him a little bit, but all his threats made me say the hell with this guy.

Also: I never wanted to ship this thing. I remember in the ad from the start I said I wanted local pickup. Tld him from the start, I had 2 local buyers who wanted to just come pick this up. He insisted he wanted it (I assume b/c they are no longer made) and finally I was like "ok fine if you want it but since its a 4-1 one piece design it's going to cost a lot to ship" - I went to the UPS store and they wanted $134 or something. I texted him and he said that's too much and to try FedEx. So I leave the store. He then texts me back 20 min later and goes "ok you can ship it UPS i'll pay" and I informed him I had already left the store. That's when he started losing it. "Are you really going to send it?" "Are you jerking me around?" And I said "NO, you said not to ship it with UPS and I left the store".

Also I paid $24.00 of my own money to ship the thing since he didn't send me enough. Another funny thing is I sent him a photo of the receipt from UPS when I went back the next to ship it. It said 17lbs of 99lbs or something on it, and he immediately wrote back "WHY DOES IT SAY IT WEIGHS 99 POUNDS JORDAN????" - implying that I had somehow devised some kind of scam to make him have to pay extra for shipping so I could pocket the difference. I am still stunned at that. I said to him "if I was trying to scam people I'm sure I could think of something better than scamming them at the UPS store" and he's like "whatever Jordan!!"

All this guy needed to be was a nice guy. That's it. When he first paypaled me he told me there was "no rush" so I said OK and was busy shipping out other parts. Then 2 days later he goes "ARE YOU GOING TO SHIP THIS OR WHAT????" And I said yeah of course I am, but I thought you said there wasn't a rush so I was shipping out other things. He's like "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL JORDAN" or something like that, and I was thinking to myself "oh here we go" - I was a text away from telling him I was refunding his money and not going to send it, but he almost every 2 hours he'd ask about it. I sure wish I had. He has been threatening to "expose me" and to "ruin my reputation" on here etc since the day he accused me of ripping him off at the UPS store, when in fact I lost money in the shipping. So after about 2 weeks of this, yesterday I just said "dude, do whatever you want, I don't care anymore". He's like "I am going to expose you for the scam artist that you are!" (LOL) All he had to do was be polite and be like "hey I'm not real happy with it, I know UPS lost the package and threw it around, but would you mind maybe chipping in some of the money for it?" And I would have said "sure man I understand, no problem" instead he, well you know.

Oh and another thing, NO ONE from UPS *ever* contacted me. I had to contact them. He also told me that he called UPS and they told him that that "emailed me a response" - never got it. I know he doesn't believe me, but oh well.

like the b.s way you try to wash your hands Jordan... all your conversations that you had with me will speak for themselves and the pictures... stay tuned my community...
2014-09-10 19:25:23
@Kyle - this: http://www.sr20-forum.com/classifieds-naturally-aspirated/74979-jmr-4-1-header-sold.html is the original for sale thread for the item. Look at the first post, it has NOT been edited since 8-12-14.

The other thread you saw was however for the same item, and I did close that today when I saw this thread. When he was flipping out one day at me I said "why don't you just list it for sale for what you paid for it if you don't want it? I'm sure someone else would want it." He said maybe but insisted I make the post for him so I did it so he'd (hopefully) leave me in peace for a single day, and I relayed any of information from interested people to him. So I did NOT edit the original thread today at all.
Last edited by Storm88000 on 2014-09-10 at 19-27-47.
2014-09-10 19:28:48
Originally Posted by Storm88000
... then he started saying I'd have to refund both shipping charges...

Um no, that is not how it works. That is an unreasonable request, especially considering you offered a refund because it is "usable but not to your liking".
Last edited by SE-RMonkey on 2014-09-10 at 20-10-41.
2014-09-10 19:29:13
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
Originally Posted by 91sentragti-r

1) If he didn't post the actual physical description did you assume it was in perfect physical condition?
2) If the physical condition of a used exhaust manifold is important to you why would you buy one without a physical description?
3) What's the damage?
4) Is it usable or is it damaged to the point that it can not be used?

my answer to your first two questions has already been answered in my original post, but I will answer them again for you..1. Yes I assumed that it was in good condition for multiple reasons, number one if you are selling an item that you clearly know it has an imperfection or flaws, why wouldn't you as an honest individual post that up under physical description?? number 2 he's has a good trader rating, so I didn't think that he would ever rip off anybody.. I then thought to myself, Jordan seems like a good individual, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and I'll assume that nothing is wrong with it.. if there was I'm sure that he will include it in the description...

question number 3. first and foremost, you could see the damage from the pictures from the link I and Kyle posted.. something along the lines of being crushed by a tow truck.. how can you miss that on a physical description?? the other damages consists of dents and dings on some of the runners from it not being packaged correctly...

question number 4. the header is still usable but not to my liking, especially for how much I paid for it including the shipping costs..

the reason why I asked for a partial refund and was willing to accept it as is was because I have a fabricator that would be willing to fix it so I wanted to use that money towards it getting fixed..

Okay, so you assumed it was in good physical even though there was no mention of it's condition? You didn't ask either, you assumed? It then shows up "not perfect" or "not to your liking". So how on earth do you equate that with Jordan ripping you off? I'd be pissed at myself for not asking.[/QUOTE]

sir, you're missing the whole point on this thread... the purpose of this thread was to inform everyone that this individual doesn't describe the item as it physically is and shouldn't be trusted... not to say that it was my fault for not asking... I already answer your questions to the best of my ability and you seem not to get the point and are still jumping all over my Back...
2014-09-10 19:30:53
Originally Posted by 91sentragti-r

like the b.s way you try to wash your hands Jordan... all your conversations that you had with me will speak for themselves and the pictures... stay tuned my community...

I never said anything wrong. I'm sure you'll conveniently leave out the two dozen threats you wrote to me. And I wouldn't be surprised if you would make up things I didn't say. I'll know because I also can simply go back in my phone too, but I don't care enough to do so. I feel sorry for you. All you had to do was be a nice person, that's it. It was never about the money, it was about your behavior.
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