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Thread: buyers BEWARE of (Storm88000) aka jordan white

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2014-09-11 23:19:59
Originally Posted by ebinkerd
Kinda like how you have these problems with your girl, claim you are going to law school and need the money, and then fire sale everything. I think you are both idiots. The way that thing was shipped is BS and you need to own up to that Jordan. You made an assumption at the UPS store and it made an ass out of you.

Damn! You got me. I made all that stuff up!! Just kindly go away. No one needs your opinion since you have NOTHING to do with this thread at all, but fyi, I AM going to law school next year and I AM moving. I don't need the money. I sold things because I have no where to put them. Not that its any of your business.
2014-09-12 00:22:17
From the seller in OP's thread about the seller, see any similarities?

"This guy is comedy man I sold him that shit just fine he and I both checked out the agx before he bought them for a good 10mins if u hade any dought if they where blown then why the fuck u buy them for? U took a week back to respond to me and they just the two front ones where blown how all of a sudden just the two front ones are blown and not the backs?? Lol when in first place u wanted just the backs but I told u no that I'm selling all 4 of the together u did contact me and I told I was willing to give u half the money back and let u keep the back two agx or give u a b13 tranny well the day he wanted to come out I was just to busy and hade no time I told him that and forgot about him for 1 day so he thought I was trying to ignore him And starts sending me all thes threats and talking shit on my car lol... Ya real mature and that's the sole reason I'm not giving this faggot his money back he took a week to respond back for all I know he fucked them up or some shit and is just trying to pull one over on me I even met this guy half way so he could check them out I still have all the original texts and threats etc for proof... "
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2014-09-12 00:27:54
And here's another post in that thread where OP admits:

"Threatened you your friends and your family?? Really?? I love it how you like to add icing to the cake. I told you that i was going to beat your ass if you didn't pay me my money whenever i ran into you again after you kept disregarding my texs. if you would man up and got back to me none of that would of been necessary."

Post #41 in this thread: http://www.sr20-forum.com/classifieds-user-feedback/58345-buyers-beware-92ser-2.html
2014-09-12 00:29:59
And OP continued in that thread in a later post:

"i know times are though (Storm88000 note: though? meaning tough, really? ) for some people right now. But he kept giving me the run around and finally on 5/23/12 he started ignoring my txts and calls after 3 days of him ignoring my calls and txts i decided to let him know that I was going to beat his ass since i had already had a mindset that my money was lost for good."

Enough said. Where there's smoke there's fire.
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2014-09-12 00:39:40
AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Here's ANOTHER thread with OP doing the same shit:


Here's some wonderful things OP posted in that thread:

Post #2:

"Nobody buy from this scumm bag.guys a joke.sold me a fucked up suspension that he claimed was good and in reality after i installed it in my car it turns out to be blown.i contacted him after the install to try to get a refund since it was shot out and he is just giving me the run around saying that he's broke and lives day by day.perfect candidate for team nismo lol."

Post #4:

"Me asking for my money back because you sold me some fucked up shit didn't know that was a threat. Yeah i looked at them when i bought them but in reality you can't really tell if their shot or not until their on the car. Dude your a a broke ass beaner just face it. You wanted a easy come up.You sold me some fucked up shit and you knew it.and now you just want to play the part. Its all good you got me this time but what goes around comes around."
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2014-09-12 00:44:55
And yet another thread:


Post #94:

"Hey 92ser hit me up its Oscar the one you sold that fucked up suspension to.hit me up Asap "
2014-09-12 00:45:12
Please stop citing threads in which 91sentragtir was in fact correct. The other thread you cited, 92ser was banned. Post proof.
2014-09-12 00:45:45

2014-09-12 00:47:00
I can post what I want, just as you have put your nose in a thread you have nothing to do with.

Notice no one has heard from OP since this morning? Yeah, thought so. But now since I just said that he will prob post something. Or not because I just said that.

Edit: the texts above are pretty much what I had been posting except it cost me $24 not $14 extra, and about 10-15 message exchanges are not there. He is a piece of human garbage and is going to lose the Paypal dispute anyway. Oh well, too bad so sad.
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2014-09-12 01:15:02

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