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Thread: Cavern

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2014-09-03 22:46:00
Where's my p/s pulley I paid for on 8/4? Its now 9/3 and still waiting on a tracking number. I tried contacting you on the g20.net forum since you said your weren't getting pm notification, you respond saying part is box and ready to ship and will get me a tracking number. Its now almost a week later and no tracking infor. I understand we all got jobs and sometimes get busy, but it doesn't take a month to get someone their parts. Especially when you got my money a month ago.
I just want the part I paid for. I think a month later I've been more than understanding. Even if you dont get pm notification i know you got that paypal notice you got money, and you got my shipping infor. Not trying to be a dick but a month waiting on a part is more than enough time. @cavern
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2014-09-08 00:36:35
I am still waiting on a response from my few attempt to contact you on both this forum and g20.net. Any undates? @cavern
2014-09-12 03:31:24
@cavern is a stand-up guy. He should be with you soon I hope.
2014-09-15 16:53:25
I've sent him a message on Facebook and PM on G20.net pointing him to this thread. On FB it looks like he's on one of his trips across the country right now...
2014-09-15 23:30:34
I'm told by cavern that he's contacted you for a resolution.
2014-09-17 22:08:44
I am still waiting on an updated from cavern. @BenFenner
Still waiting on that resolution from cavern or a tracking number or if item was shipped. Its now 9/17 with no update. @cavern
2014-09-17 22:12:06
Originally Posted by BenFenner
@cavern is a stand-up guy. He should be with you soon I hope.

Not saying he not a stand-up, but am still waiting on an update or tracking information. Lets resolve this, put this behind us bro. @cavern @BenFenner
2014-09-18 03:16:24
He told me he was refunding your money. Is that not the case? Did he get a hold of you on the 15th? He's currently on the road so I'm not surprised he's hard to contact.
I've messaged him on Facebook again.
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2014-09-21 23:47:33
I didnot receive a refund as off yet or the part I purchase. Instead I got accuse of being shadey and got a refund from paypal which I didnot. I pm you my phone number and ask for text message update but got nowhere. I also sent you a copy off my paypal dispute to show I have not recieve a refund.
Instead of trying to work with me or answer my pms I get acusse of being a thief. Last I check I am the one waiting on a part over a month later.
I not gonna go back and fourth but please check your paypal and see That I recieve no refund and trusting and waiting that you will do good on my behalf.
I am still hoping to resolve this matter in am adult way thank again.
2014-09-22 19:21:05
Do you have a thread about this on G20.net as well? If so, please link. If not, it's time to make one?

Was this a public sale you can link us to, or was it a private deal?
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