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Thread: Sumetha Pothang AKA B14er

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2014-08-24 18:14:55
Well when you fill out the customs forum you have to put your address and there is a box you check if in the event it isnt able to be delivered it will come back to the sender (and they will have to pay the shipping fee to actually get it back though). I recently shipped something to Chile, so I had just went through the forum. Anyway yeah going through my PMs i was also promised a tracking number, but he said his agent never gave him one or something. Not sure what that means, but yeah I never got one at all.

He also told me the thing about if it comes back he will ship it back out, so we'll see. I figure this week would have been the week i would get it, but nothing yet. Fingers crossed maybe next week? Should be about 45 days since shipping and prob 52 since payment sent
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2014-09-01 03:25:50
@B14er nothing yet bud, i have till September 6th to escalate my paypal dispute to a claim so I'm going to go ahead and do that within a day or so. I'm just going to assume the parts aren't coming at this point and (since you checked to have them return to sender) are coming back to you. If you want to just send me the money back then try again when the fogs get back to you with a better shipping method that works for me. I just dont know if I make a claim and paypal has to forceable move the money from you to me if it'll reflect badly on your account.
2014-09-03 02:48:54
Still waiting...
2014-09-03 05:00:42
Me too.....
2014-09-03 05:43:44
Think it goes without saying, me also....but i escalated my dispute to a claim on paypal because I only had till the end of the week.
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2014-09-08 03:31:14
Weekly update.

Nothing has changed.

Not a dam thing!
2014-09-08 04:50:24
Nothing here either, hasnt responded to any of my recent PMs =\ ....claim was submitted, waiting for paypal to give me a resolution i guess. Kinda bummed, really needed those 4Fogs.
2014-09-12 18:50:04
@B14er logs on everyday but now not getting any response from him via this thread, PM, email or through the paypal claim....assuming my money will be back to me anytime now, but it would be nice to hear from him.

Mods still watching this thread?
2014-09-12 19:24:57
Yes, still watching.
2014-09-13 03:52:28
UPDATE, well since he never responded to PayPal either during the claim, they refunded all my funds back to me as resolution. Even though he seems to still be logging on, it seems he fell off the face of the earth....?

With that said....anyone have any Super Saloon 4Fog Fog lights w/ brackets =]
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