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Thread: flash89

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2013-10-24 22:33:18
no, thats the FBI taking away his money. ^^
2013-10-24 22:43:32
Ok, so this is your payment to him?

13-09-30 15:08:54 3.015 BTC

2013-10-24 23:08:46
2013-10-25 00:57:11
flash89 (SCAMMER!!!)
Ok, I really didn't expect that to happen. But let's not cast judgment on flash. Bitcoin is high up on every agency's list right now and he may have been implicated some other way. But this by no means defines flashes character. I believe this is a forum first and really I have no idea how it should be handled. Mods want to weigh in on this?

Also, d unit you may want to move your
Coins around a bit and cover your tracks. You are likely implicated in whatever flashes bitcoins were seized for
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2013-10-25 02:26:35
Damn, hopefully it doesnt follow back to this site! Burn your computer! Haha, but no, thats some shit though. Well at least we know where the funds ended up.....call the White House and demand to speak to the man in charge, the real man in charge lol. Dont suppose there is any getting that money back.....for anyone
2013-10-25 03:27:08
I don't see any cause for confusion. D-Unit paid fair and square, Flash owes him the parts.

2013-10-25 10:10:38
flash89 (SCAMMER!!!)
Originally Posted by Chriscar
I don't see any cause for confusion. D-Unit paid fair and square, Flash owes him the parts.


That's not accurate at all when it comes to bit coin. You see, no one can reach into a bitcoin wallet and extract money. The money that was seize in this transaction was still in escrow. Flash likely received a pending confirmation via the escrow company handling the transaction, but was pulled from escrow within one day. Flash technically never received the fund because it is impossible to remove from a wallet without the code. This matter needs to be discussed with the company that handled the transaction.

AND, who were they watching? D unit, or flash? Prove to me which one.
Last edited by ebinkerd on 2013-10-25 at 10-11-44.
2013-10-25 11:43:07
...Everything resolved with this Dunit he's a stand up guy , thanks
Last edited by flash89 on 2013-10-26 at 00-58-29.
2013-10-25 12:18:26
flash89 (SCAMMER!!!)
This surprised the hell out of me too. It looks like the Feds captured over 26000 bitcoin through the silkroad and escrow. And to reiterate my point about not being able to pull coins from a wallet, the owner of the silk road, who was arrested, currently has 600,000 bitcoin in his wallet that the Feds have been unsuccessful to seize.

As many mistakes as the feds make, I find it likely that your wallet was wrongfully targeted. However, I doubt you will get your bitcoins back.
2013-10-25 12:37:45
Agreed the whole scammer thing/posts should be removed right away since this was definitely not the case. No need to further damage a trustworthy members reputation. How the situation is fixed, well i'm not sure what to suggest =\
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