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Thread: flash89

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2013-10-25 14:44:05
everything is worked out. flash89 is a good guy to deal with.
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2013-10-25 14:48:28
wow...this is like some movie type shit....


hope all goes well for buyer and seller...
2013-10-25 15:08:13
This is your wallets transaction history: https://blockchain.info/address/198K5dSmRgnnyz9Dq9Cb15dt5jAjVZgM2n

Do you see in your last transaction a company called Strongcoin? This is the company that makes the transfers for you. They hold the money in escrow pending confirmation of coins. This is like how you cash a check. The money appears in your account, and the bank has given you credit on your account in good faith the check will clear. Standard business practice. That small amount of BTC you gave Strongcoin was their transaction fee. They are the escrow company.

Strong coin gave flash a kind of promissory note. But something happened. While the coin was in Strongcoins possession, the funds were seized by the fed. This in turn negated the transaction and Strongcoin pulled the promissory note.

If anything, I would say that the fed was watching strong coins transactions. And here is an article showing how strongcoin works. And in theory, the only way the fed could have seized that money was by stronghold giving the fed access to their own servers. . .

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2013-10-25 15:18:33
Originally Posted by D-Unit121

flash i still consider you a scammer. no matter what happened to your money, i paid for the parts and i still should get them. The fact that you sold the tranny bracket to someone locally and didnt reinburse me any money for it, also makes you a scammer.

I'm having trouble finding where he promised you the tranny bracket and a payment for it being sent? Could just be the craziness of the quotes, could you direct me to it? All i saw was payment sent for stabilizer linkage that was shipped with a tracking number...
2013-10-25 15:31:35
This is what you get for using fake money.... use paypal, its proven.
Flash is not a scammer, his account is locked, just like if it happened with paypal. He is not denying you paid, he just hasnt gotten his money yet. I would have done the same thing as he did. Maybe it is not his fault and its the software company that handles bitcoins, which it looks like it is. Thats what happens when you use services like that. I have bought things from flash and sold things to him, always a smooth tranaction. He has sold parts and they have been delivered AFTER he delt with you. Relax and give it sometime to work out. I have waited a month and a half for $1200 dollars worth of parts off of this forum. Shit happens. You dont want things like this to happen, buy from a store or use a proven system like paypal.
2013-10-25 20:10:30
...Everything resolved with this Dunit he's a stand up guy , thanks
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2013-10-25 20:16:13
...Everything resolved with this Dunit he's a stand up guy , thanks
Last edited by flash89 on 2013-10-26 at 00-59-43.
2013-10-25 20:30:17
flash89 (SCAMMER!!!)
I wish you two the best of luck in figuring out this ordeal, it really is one of a kind. Please be courteous to one another. Remain professional and leave emotions at the door; this is business.

And d-unit, ive helped you in the past and will help you again, please don't take my view on the matter personally. I am not picking side, I don't think anyone is.
2013-10-25 23:50:16
mods could you please change the thread name. i would like the scammer taken out of it and also if you could change the tumbs down to a thumbs up that would be cool
2013-10-25 23:54:38
Done - glad you guys were able to work it out.

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