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2014-09-11 18:14:32
of course, no reply.

And now I have to send the injectors to dougfab to custom make a fuel rail that will fit them. $180. Eat a dick Justin.
2014-09-12 00:32:24
Originally Posted by canx2k
of course, no reply.

And now I have to send the injectors to dougfab to custom make a fuel rail that will fit them. $180. Eat a dick Justin.

His reply on FB..

You're a fag, Andrews a cunt. I owe him nothing...keyboard tough guy, keep hiding behind that monitor running your cumcatcher
2014-09-12 02:15:33
Do we need people like that in the community? I believe we've been more than fair to Justin Chaplin. As I've said elsewhere, he doesn't seem to posses the maturity or integrity to be able to deal with the issues that come up from interacting with a diverse group of people who only expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and as adults. He shows a total lack of empathy and remorse for his victims. I'd encourage event organizers (looking at the convention folks and others) to see to it that this type of behavior is not welcome in the community. For better or worse, we are judged by the company we keep. I wouldn't want him anywhere near anything having to do with our community. It looks as if he's done with us anyway.

I'm adding him to the blacklist.
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2014-09-12 12:12:53
I spent about 2 days posting on his FS ads and tagging him before he answered me.

2014-09-12 14:00:43
I got a text back from him saying
"not ignoring, you're a waste of my time"

I responded with
"and you're a charity case who takes money and doesn't deliver on promises. How is it you emailed me that a fuel rail is included in the deal and not put it in the box in the first shipment? Tell me it wasn't part of the deal, because your word says otherwise. You need to take a long hard look at your ethics and values and if you're honest with yourself, you would see that what you've done is wrong."
2014-09-12 14:54:34
The true irony of all of this is it's peanuts fix to bring his reputation to par and be able to make it all right - a fuel rail $180, a boost gauge $20, a tranny bracket, $50, and the flex pipe used $100. Fighting pretty hard for almost no money Justin. I'm fighting for the integrity of the forum and the premise that you are an outright liar and a thief until you prove me otherwise.
2014-09-12 17:21:36
Alright - after an hour long chat on the phone, Justin has agreed to make a fuel rail for me and send me what he has which can attach the turbo to the exhaust housing. He also said that the dp he sold me, though skimmed, will not leak, and I'm satisfied with that. The map sensor he said was in one of the boxes he sent me and while I looked at length through one, the other had the fmic in it and I thought sealed from factory. He stated he opened it to look at it prior to sending so I'll look in that box again to see if it's there. I'm out the other parts that he was going to send me because it was a nice thing to do, but whatever, if I'm back to the bare basics of what I paid for, I'm happy.

@200sx_se please remove his phone number from there - it's one thing for him to post his phone online and know where it is, it's another to have someone post it - I know you are trying to help, and thanks, but I'd be pretty upset if someone posted my phone number online where I didnt know it was. Thanks.
2014-09-12 17:46:43
Although I agree with you about posting his number on the interweb, if he shipped the goods as agreed upon in the appropriate condition, we wouldn't be having this conversation........As my friend's Dad says: You do stupid ****, you get stupid results!

It seems Chappy has sworn off this forum, so I am not sure if him losing his reputation amongst us really bothers him. He seems to be under the impression (via his FB posts anyways) that all the OGs have been ran off the forum and this place is nothing but a skeleton of it's once awesome self

It's sad, because I am one of the few who had a great transaction with Chappy and he even followed up to make sure the item arrived here in a timely manner
2014-12-16 19:57:17
Douchebag update -

He promised months ago that he would send me the fuel rail and the map sensor, claiming all he had to do was buy the fuel rail stock and step drill it, assuring me of the ease to do so and that was the last time we spoke.

Then, last month, when I asked him where the fuel rail was and how it was going etc, he texts me back asking if I want to send him back all his shitty parts on the promise that he'll send me shittier ones. That was the last I heard of him. What a tool.
Last edited by canx2k on 2014-12-16 at 19-58-45.
2014-12-16 20:00:08
Oh, and the downpipe/flexpipe leaks like hell. Surprise Surprise.
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