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2014-06-01 16:55:03
Its not only that he's terrible at actually gettin the package out, but his communication sucks an he treats people like shit..
2014-06-20 18:30:07
Well I'm sick of waiting. I have $400 in product pending from him from a sale that was back at the start of the year. He has not contacted me for a month stating he was upset his phone bill was $160 and it was my fault. He gave me his word he wad sending out the package and that was well over two months ago. It's almost July and nothing still. This man's word is built on straw. I have my car ripped apart when I could be driving it. My son passed away and all I want to do is drive my car to cleary head and Justin has no honour in keeping his word. I'm disgusted that a person who holds $2800 American of my hard earned dollars can't get off his Fucking ass and mail me my package that I PAID FOR.

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2014-06-20 20:29:53
I wasn't going to jump in this thread but seeing the trend I thought I would throw in my feedback as well. Last year I was selling a VE head:


He wanted the head, low-balling me of course, and we finally agreed on a price (implied in my Oct 19th post). After contacting him a couple of times and him assuring me the money was coming, I never received the money. I re-listed the head and saved his number in my phone to know never to sell anything to him again.
2014-06-23 02:31:26
2014-06-30 20:21:11
This was sent to benfenner to clue him in on what was going May 3rd 2014:

Ben here is what I wanted to send in a message privqtly but posted and had to ninja edit out. Please consider it and feel free to send to mods but for the moment please don't post Amy of it until I get my parts.

Ben, while I still wish to be made anonymous at the present time, I've been extremely dissatisfied with Justin's approach to a sale. He simply doesn't give a shit about anyone else's timelines. I bought $2800 in product from him, and amidst his refusing to come through with promises, holding parts ransom, going through PayPal on my part and getting nowhere, plus going through visa claims, I simply gave up on recovering $313 of promised money, gave in to his stubbornness and told him just to send the remaining parts. On his word I dropped the PayPal claim and he said he'd ship by Friday. Guess what, here's Friday, and he (on the phone) says he rage busted one of the parts "not because of me" and had to order a new one to ship with the box. This is either a lie or serious anger management issues. Further, he "couldn't find" one of the items promised and is sending me something else which, "who cares, because the one I was going to send you was overkill for my build anyways". To me, that was the deal, Fuck what your judgment is on what is and isn't overkill. But I'll play ball for the moment until I finally get my parts in hand, because he's still got my balls in a vise right now but you can be dank sure I'm an irate mother fucker right now. On top of delaying my driving time because of The parts, he's tucked me out of money, delayed parts, changed parts on his judgment without consulting me, and mocked me a number of times over the past three weeks calling me a stupid foreigner and canaduh and more. The comment I CANT WAIT TO SEE KYLE was not just with him, he tested such threats with me as well, and my texts (remember I'm a trained counsellor and conflict management is one of my strong suits) were handled extremely politically correct the entire time, even though he was flying off The handle like a child in a convenience store. I backed up my texts and can forward whatever necessary after this shakes down and I get my parts.

On the side of family issues, I have a dying child and feed him for 10.5 hours (yes, hours) per day, so I know how shitty life can get, but his timelines are simply unacceptable.
2014-06-30 20:22:33
Just an update - Justin said on 8 May 14 "I just gotta get it to the post office". Meaning he got the new part to replace the one he 'rage busted'. I reminded him 13 May, he responded "didnt forget about you". I further reminded him this morning, and he still has yet to send the parts claiming he's "slammed at work".

Unacceptable. Yet here I am, still left standing around with my dick in my hand because I have no other course of action.

This guy is incorrigible.

Edit: This was a message I sent the admin a while ago, not current as the language sounds.
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2014-06-30 20:30:38
Alright. That all occurred almost two months ago. Since then, he texted me with a photo of the 'new fmic' he had. That was over a month ago. He said he was trying to figure out shipping options and that was over a month ago. Despite numerous texts from me, he did not respond, including telling him I had lost my son (June 4th) and all I wanted to do was drive my disassembled car, but without the fmic, tial bov, tband clamp, and aem boost controller (equivalent), I cannot. He did not respond whatsoever. The only time I was given a response is when I posted that he owed me $400 in parts, because he expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount I claimed such parts to be worth, telling me I'm a stupid fucking canuck - and demanding an apology from me because I misrepresented the cost of the articles in question. To be perfectly honest, I was mad about this 4 months ago, now I'm just sad and mourning and his attitude makes me wonder how anyone can treat another human being so poorly and sleep at night. Even when I said one new father to another (he claims he just had a newborn), the loss of my son is devastating and I didnt care how he sent it just to send it, I got no response. I gave him one more text this week, and there wasn't a response, so here is the story. Most of the texts he gave me are not included because I'm sure what stands here is enough, explicits and poor taste comments do not help the parts be shipped, nor help the facts of the case, but I can assure you there were many. On my part, swearing only entered the conversation after my son passed because I was sick of being politically correct with him.
2014-06-30 20:36:43
Original payment was made March 17th 2014.
2014-06-30 20:51:38
Oh, I forgot original information. So here it is from the beginning. I sent payment in march with the understanding that my $2800 plus paypal USD would cover all the shipping and duty costs, and have a text from him agreeing on the price along with frontloading the duty. When the package arrived, it had a $300+ tab along with it and was missing the Tial BOV, a tband clamp, and the fmic that he claimed to have 'forgot'. I put in a paypal claim with the assurance to him that it was just to cover my ass in case the parts didnt arrive. He was irate because apparantly it was my fault that I didnt somehow understand that duty comes after. He could have simply paid me after that or issued a partial refund, and send the other parts. He refused on both, saying I either cancel the paypal claim or he wasn't going to send the parts. So I'm boned. I'm either out the $300+ in duty charges or out the $400 in parts. I agree to eat half the duty charges out of good will, he agreed to send me an aem equivalent boost controller. He since changed the boost controller promised because it was overkill to my application (his decision not mine), and it reallky doesn't matter because he didnt send that either. So I said to him fine, I will drop the paypal claim and said to him in plain english 'on your word, do you give me your word you will send me the parts'. He said yes.

That was a long time ago. Since then I asked him multiple multiple multiple times, where is it, did you send it, etc. Only once did he respond with the $160 cell phone upsettedness, and once when he thought I misrepresented the part value. So really I'm out over $700 (duty and parts) plus the cost to actually GET the parts to finish the job.
2014-06-30 20:57:09
So the price is 2600 shipped for rear swaybar Adco b13 (he claimed this was an upgrade)
G35 turbo
Protech manifold tubular with dpipe and dump
hks (or maybe teal, not sure, either way, didn't arrive) bov
couple of Gauges
980cc injectors (semens deka?)
And dougfab fuel rail
Walboro fuel pump
Fmic and couplers
tband clamps
tranny saver bracket
two burned chips for my VE with this setup

Total in canadian when all was said and done was $2961.
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