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Thread: chapnutz1

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2014-04-30 05:32:15
Bought a radiator from chaps n got it within the time frame he told me, kept me updated with everything through out the process, also received the radiator in good conditions. I will keep doing business with justin.
Thanks bro.
2014-04-30 12:44:13
Originally Posted by Kyle
If I have affected Mr. Justin Chapnutz so much as to change his user title to say "fuck you @ kyle" and for him to send me PM and that he absolutely cannot wait to see me in ohio, I guess I am doing something right, correct?

hes having a child he wont be there dont get all razzled those boston guys are softies right arron?!
2014-04-30 12:56:08
Justin (@chapnutz1), there are additional buyers getting the run-around that have come out of the woodwork, at least one of which is trustworthy and current. This, combined with the previous issues you've had with transactions have forced our hand, and you've been banned from buying or selling on the forum. We'd like to see anyone and everyone with outstanding complaints made whole again to our satisfaction before you will be able to perform new transactions on the forum. Once you've done that, and 6 months have passed, we can talk about lifting the ban.

In the coming weeks we hope to gather the claims against you in a list so you can easily address them one-by-one and make things right.

You should still be able to reply to threads in the Feedback section, so we hope to hear from you here.

Edit: I'm going to keep track of grievances here. [S]Stay tuned for more expected.[/S]

· [S]Clips and pads (or comparable refund) due: Link[/S]
· Side markers (or comparable refund) due: Link
· [S]Info required: Link[/S]
· [S]Info required: Link[/S]
· $400 worth of product due: Link Link 2
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2014-04-30 14:09:36
Originally Posted by pFbSpecV
where is my tracking number for these coilovers??????


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2014-04-30 15:53:03
Ok. i've been silent for a long time. Coz i dont want to low down my level for him (justin chaplin)

The deal was to shipped a pp, clutch and a set (pair front and pair rear) of B13 sidemarker lights.

The sidemarker lights never showed up.

Nothing biggie now. Just transact at you own risk (high risk).
2014-04-30 20:01:12
I will update once the clips and pads arrive. He had texted me that he had sent them recently (yesterday or day before I don't really remember)
2014-05-01 07:19:14
Originally Posted by BenFenner
Storm, it could be done better, but check the Feedback Score next to someone's avatar and you'll see along with the score is a percentage which shows the percentage of positive versus negative iTrader feedback.

Wow, I can't believe all these things are going down in here about my man Chap, hopefully every thing gets smoothed out and setted me and my crew have never had any problems with this man. ON another note it would be nice for buyer to leave feedback for sellers my last 10 sales no one took the 2 minutes to even give me a hint of positive feedback and that hurts honestlyitems ate shipped fast and packed WELL.... It now has got to the the point where I have to beg for feed back so I no longer do it. So a feed back score does not accurately reflect the seller, my number is up in my ads you got a problem call me personally and settle it before you take it online.
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2014-05-01 11:35:49
@Topdog781 you should be thankfull that you didnt encounter problems with the man... Lucky you
2014-05-03 04:31:41
Re: chapnutz1
edit, I don't appreciate being tagged here by someone. Mods this stirs up where I wish not to stir up.
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2014-05-09 01:45:32
received the rest of my outstanding items today. clips and pads. my issue is 100% resolved.

Thanks mods for helping to sort this out. In my experience, Chappy isnt a bad guy but has alot going on in his life. He made things right and thats cool by me. Due to the length of shipping, I dont think i will be buying from him again, but if he has the right part at the right price, i know eventually he will come through.
Last edited by zeneffect on 2014-05-09 at 01-46-35.
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