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2014-12-22 14:01:01
And....I just posted both a link to this thread and the old Feedback Thread from the old forum in "The Dash" FB group and one of the big SR20 "sales" groups on FB.

Buyer beware of Justin Chaplin.
2014-12-22 14:28:33
And....the FB shit-storm has officially begun.

Seems like I somehow attract shit-storms.
2014-12-22 14:31:40
Post the link or screenshot!! We need some relief in here
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2014-12-22 14:47:55
here's what I mean by 4 bolt:
2014-12-22 14:49:30
Facebook Dash.


Facebook SR20DE/VE/DET Parts For Sale:

2014-12-22 15:03:14
I spoke to my wife last night. She knows exactly who Andrew is, his name very familiar to her.

As previously stated, I will pay to ship any and all parts North. Donations of any sort or size are more than welcome and appreciated, but I'll be happy to pay your lowest possible good-buddy brother-in-law price plus shipping for the item gentlemen. I don't want you leaving yourself short either, so don't be shy about it.

Make sure with Andrew the item will work in advance. It don't have to be pretty, but it's gotta be 100% functionally sound.

I will pay-pal you for the cost of the item plus shipping. You ship it directly to Andrew in Canada and get a huge thank you from me.

Let's fucking do this.

2014-12-22 15:11:06
The only thing I have that may work is a good tranny bracket core. Let me know if its wanted and Ill ship it.


I may have some extra FMIC Piping too although its for a GTiR/B14 setup.
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2014-12-22 15:43:00
Dang, sucks that this dudes been stringing people along since 2007. Should have cut him off way back when.
2014-12-22 15:58:24
Originally Posted by ApexSilverBeast
Dang, sucks that this dudes been stringing people along since 2007. Should have cut him off way back when.

2007? I heard enough from Fred Casey (RIP) when he was alive to know what Justin is all about. Shit I've heard from several Fall River people to stay clear....and that was 10 years ago..... He's been screwing people for a long time, longer than 2007. He's another JGY, been lurking around forever sticking it up peoples asses for years....yet people still don't know for some reason.....

Not to mention what he did to Fred Casey back in the day. Hmm, I wonder if that will spark Justin to come here and respond to that. You know what i'm talking about Justin.
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2014-12-22 16:34:31
Very grateful for the person who steered me awAy from buying parts from him about a year go... I might get re hired in 2 weeks or so if i do ill make a decent donation.
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