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2014-07-04 21:07:29
A horses head?
2014-07-05 15:34:03
Update on the box: It was the fmic. Still waiting for the tband clamp and bov.
2014-07-05 21:48:05
Theres prob fickle matter on everything lol so wash it good before touching it
2014-07-08 19:38:51
There is another package waiting for me at the church. Hoping it is the final 2 pieces.
2014-07-11 15:04:24
Two packages later - I've finally got resolution. All the parts are here. Granted I had to suck out packing peanuts from my bov, but all the parts are here. Will update later once Ive got all the parts in to see if they work. Is there a way to test the the turbo prior to installation?
2014-07-11 15:48:21
^^ Other than a test stand with oil and/or coolant, not much other than the physical test (axial and longitudonal movement). For the Journal bearings there is some movement until oil pressure is generated through the system, but I am not entirely sure how a ball bearing center section reacts.

You can always disassemble it, etc, but if sold as proper working condition, you shouldn't have to............
2014-08-24 19:32:44
And...sigh...it starts again. I guess I'm an idiot for not checking the box for the parts he said would be there - far too trusting in a day and age like it is I suppose. Especially after I said to him I'm green and concerned about doing it all right...Here's what I got


More surprises

And what's missing? I don't know much about turbos but I don't see how the housing attaches to the turbo here

He also didn't include the tranny saver bracket or the dougfab fuel rail, or the programmed chips for my calum basic ecu to accept the new injectors and turbo bits, also did not include the Oil Feed lines (out of omission when I asked if there was anything else I needed to turbo my car, all he said was intercooler pipes, so you would assume lines would be included?) also he agreed to send me a map sensor in exchange for my eating the duty charges he said he'd pay up front.

IF you put aside the things we agreed on him sending me over the phone (because I have no proof of him saying he would send me them in the box other than a gentleman's verbal agreement - silly me for trusting someone) - the list is:

Boost Gauge (he actually said "gauges" he's tossing in, other than boost gauge, which he did explicitly mention - but didnt say what other gauge(S) and I didnt ask)
Top feed Dougfab fuel rail (new)
Burned chips for the new additions to my car (ie turbo bits and larger injectors)
and the attachment that connects the housing to the turbo.

I hope this all makes sense.
Last edited by canx2k on 2014-08-24 at 19-39-51.
2014-08-24 23:33:47
Chappy, seriously, from someone who has met you on several occasions, man the fuck up. You're old enough to not act like a 18 year old noob.
2014-08-25 15:02:05
My email to keep things on the up and up:


Hope your summer is panning out better on the job front - glad to see you got me the parts you thought missing in the box to move past the sale and get back to some kind of equalibrium. I am happy about it as well. Just a simple request though about some parts that you said were in the large box that weren't there.

First, the coupler that bolts the turbo housing to the turbo. Here's a photo:

Second, the fuel rail you promised hasn't arrived, I wasn't sure if you knew or not, as you mentioned it coming from dougfab - figured maybe he just forgot to send it to me?

third, the downpipe's mesh is pretty ratched - I assume it doesn't leak though, if that is the case, recommendations on how I could make it a bit safer? Photo:

Also, the chips/program for the calum basic ecu based on the new injectors/etc wasn't in the box, nor the tranny saver bracket we talked about (I was going to send you a core back, remember?), nor the boost gauge, nor the map that we agreed on verbally to offset the 'duty' discrepancy we had.

I assume in the packing they just slipped your mind.

Thanks in advance for getting back to me.
2014-08-25 15:06:14
Followup email

Forgot to also mention, when I asked you "what else do I need for my turbo'd VE", your response was only the piping for the fmic. I forgot in my last email to let you know there were no oil/water feed lines included either.

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