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Thread: Cherry love

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2013-06-01 02:19:58
Originally Posted by cherry
Well lets se3 u made a claim and escalated it so u know have ur money frozen duh....

MOD, please ban this dumb ass......i hate assholes who take other peoples money and would not have balls to man up and just do a simple refund, you have the tranny and the guys money so WTF, and you have the nerve to come on here hiding behind the fucking comp talking shit? You are lucky its not my money you are holding because i would pay you a personal visit and beat the shit out of you in your fucking living room, take my money and the fucking tranny.

So stop being a cunt and do the right thing
Last edited by Madtec on 2013-06-03 at 00-40-01.
2013-06-02 12:01:18
and wait continues.....I guess paypal I gonna refund me
2013-06-03 19:00:32
Originally Posted by Kyle
I have seen you on here often with a lot of for sale threads, then you kinda fell off the planet when this transmission transaction occurred.

Most of your threads started are for selling or buying things, not much to help with you there. By a brief look at your "threads started" list the few threads where you are not selling/buying you are asking for help is a suggestion for which O2 sensor to use. (found another where you asked for a valvetrain tool and someone replied to it.)

Communication is key and ignoring anyone for this long is bad ju-ju, sir.

that and posting threads of cars with gay ass hood spacers
2013-06-03 23:05:55
still waiting....lol no communication to me also, have not even got a pm from him since he posted on this thread....
2013-06-03 23:12:00
He was on yesterday at 11:50 AM last, so I am pretty sure he saw this.................
2013-06-03 23:18:46
Of course he has, nor does he give a fuck.
2013-06-04 01:20:33
Oh it's alright imma get my money by paypal or him....I'm pretty he has yet to respond to paypal
2013-06-04 03:00:24
2013-06-04 03:09:51
Originally Posted by cherry
Wow ur guys r awsome for one my number is listed try calling me once before u make a claim. It was supposed to be shipped but it was never picked up not my fault. And i never sold u a cranshaft ever so go play in traffic. And since there is a claim i will not be shipping it just to loose my money and tranny. The refund will take place. And i was just trying to help u out but fuck it. And there is no ine waiting on my parts and i do not owe no one so cliff do not say i owe refunds and parts. I owe one refund thats it. I dont get on here much unless i sell or need something. But im glad u can only reply to me when there is a problem not when i ask a question or need any help
Just point PayPal to this thread. I've conveniently quoted his admission that he hasn't shipped you the parts you paid for.

2013-06-04 03:11:53
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