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Thread: jer-760: RIP OFF ARTIST

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2012-08-16 17:00:24
Also.. In that pic.... It shows two adjusting tools, I recieved three. Maybe that pic isn't of mine?? I dunno.
2012-08-16 17:21:33
hem on.*I immediately notice that the coilovers have not been unscrewed from the bases. This means.. they have never been rebuilt. They had been washed up a bit, but the sleeves were STUCK!! I mean... really really stuck. They had been driven their whole lives bottomed out. I looked back in his posts about them aand see that he mentioned adjusting them all the way up and realixzed he didn't know how they worked. He had about 20 rounds of pre-load on the springs, but the sleeves were screwed all the way down in the bodies of the shocks. I never could get one of them loose and will have to buy a new mount and body for that one.

Then this
I installed them days before I left for Road Atlanta. That is when I found the adjusters were siezed up. I didn't know they were seiezed when they came in.

Then you say you didnt knkw until days before? Did you not open the box until days before you left to race or the same dsy you installed them weeks after you got them? Im confused as hell.
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2012-08-16 17:31:37
Originally Posted by bob-e
I had an epiphany at lunch: all this guy needs to furnish is the name of the shop that rebuilt them and a roundabout date. Then Disney can call them and confirm the build and possibly warranty it. Don't worry about looking through shoeboxes (I can't find receipts on most of my stuff). Just tell him the name.

I have asked for this...
2012-08-16 17:39:16
Everybody stop posting in here. Calm this shit down.

If it keeps going I am going to lock it until I can get more information.

On second thought I am going to go ahead and lock this for now. Only thing happening now is getting the buyer upset. I haven't heard back yet, but will update and unlock when I do.

Bob and Bryan please PM me if you have anything to add at this time or have any questions in the mean time.
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2012-08-16 20:51:57
Text conversation provided by Bryan/Disney:

June 13, 11:38AM
Bryan: Hey I wanted to seeif you could text me some pics of the coilovers. Do you know what modle thay are? Spring Rates?
June 18,

9:41AM Let me know if you didn’t get all five pics
Bryan: 9:52
Got all the pics! Thanks!! Do you know what model these are and/or the spring rates?
Jeremy: 10:13
I don’t remember what the model is but the shocks are upgraded from what they were originally to the new model shocks. Spring rates are front 7kg/392lb and rear 5kg/280lb. They handle freaking amazing, while they were being rebuilt I bought agx/road magnet combo brand be an instlled them thinking they would be better, but they are the same during daily driving and not nearly as planted when pushing the car as the ksports were.I could take the loop on the onramp by my house at 50mph with the ksports and the faster I went up to 50 the harder it felt like the tires were planted. I did the same onramp with the rm/agx combo and anything over 40-45mph was iffy, I could feel the back end pushing almost breaking loose, I know if I’d hit a bump it would have spun around. That was the other good think about the ksports, when cornering hard if I hit a bump I could fee the back end starting to come around while all the weight was lifted off the rear during the bump but as soom as the weight came back down it was right back to being planted, unlike the rm/agx ‘s where it will keep on coming around and spinning out never catching grip back after a bump. But I’m selling the car so there is no point in me swapping back to the ksports cause I won’t get to enjoy them anyway

Bryan 10:19AM
Shoot me your best deal on them shipped to a business in 37167. I think I may like to try them on my race car B14.
Jeremy: 8:38PM
Well another guy is about to buy them for 525 shipped, so if you can do better then they’re your, otherwise I’m gonna have to sell them to him
Bryan: 8:39PM
$535 is better!
Jeremy: 8:42PM
Lol well if you wanna do it then I’ll give you my PayPal addy and tell him he got beat out! I’m sure he will be a little butt hurt but business is business.
Bryan: 8:42PM
Let’s get it on!
Jeremy: 8:49PM
Alrighty, it’s my g/f’d email. [email]Utqt85@yahoo.com[/email]. You can either send the 535 plus 3% for their fee or you can send 535 as a gift and no fee will be applied. It’s up to you, if you send it as a gift, they won’t protect you if I rip you off lol. I’m not relaly sure they actually do any good anyway, but I think you can feel safe knowing that I’ve been buying and selling on the forum for 10 years with no bad deals lol. Let me know what you decide bud and I’ll get em packaged up in my old agx strut boxes
Bryan: 9:11PM
You seem like a trustworthy texter! Payment sent to utqt!! Address listed with payment. Thanks again!
Jeremy: 9:11PM
Got the funds. Guess I gotta hurt somebody’s feelings lol
Bryan: 9:12PM
Woot!!!! I don’t think he will mind…
Jeremy: 9:14
LMAO trustworthy seller? Wonder what the criteria is forthat?! Thanks brotha I’ll get it sent out tomorrow hopefully. Trying to decide if I’m going to ship it as two boxes or strap/tape the two boxes together and shop as one
Bryan: 9:29
Go with whichever is cheaper!
Disney? What does your email mean?
Bryan: 9:32
Disney has been my nickname for 20+ years. Mkvii is for Mark VII. I have 5 Lincoln Mark VIIs
Jeremy: 9:53
I’ll do 537 shipped, sell them to me I need for autox. They will be used for what they’re made for. Refund it I’ll go up to 550 shipped
What his response was along with a picture of his car at an autox event
Bryan: 9:54
Nice…. I’m converting my car from LeMons racing to NASA wheel to wheel. No cone dodging!!!!
Jeremy: 9:54
Man if he really does 550 I’m gonna have to refund you. I can’t pass up another 20 bucks considering I just got laid off two weeks ago.
Well he says he’s sending PayPal, so if he does I’ll have to refund your money. I’m sorry man, but every little bit helps!
Bryan: 10:07
Dang…. And I thought we had a done deal….
If $20 really makes that big of a different then I guess I’ll shoot it over to your paypal.
Tell him that and see if he’ll go 575. If he will I’ll bow out of this bidding war.
Jeremy: 10:22PM
10-4 sending PayPal right after this. I’m gonna send you 560 so 560 shipped paypaled.
Is what he says. But I then told him what you said about 575 and he hasn’t responded yet so I guess if you beat that then it’s done and he will just lose out cause this is too much back and forth
Bryan: 10:39
Sent another 25.
Jeremy: 10:46
Alright I told him, he says he’s not going any higher. Thanks man, sorry it went down like this, I’ve never had a bidding war like this selling parts here, I mean plenty of people offereing more than someone else so they would get the parts but never a back and forth like this. Kind of makes me feel like a dick lol. Glad it’s over and done with., that was a pain in the ass going back and forth like that. Any kind of stock parts that you need? Think of anything and everything and if I have it I’ll throw it in also since you had to go through all this
I’ve got a bunch of misc spare B14 parts around. I’m passing out but think about it and text me tonight or tomorrow if you think of some things
Bryan 10:52
June 27, 3:28PM
Any luck shipping those out?
June 28, 1:36PM
Any luck shipping those out???
The coilovers that is…
June 29, 4:20AM
Yea I’ll get you the tracking number from my Gf, I had to leave town again, so I paid and setup the shipment with FedEx account so all she had to do was drop then off at FedEx
Bryan: 8:57AM
Thanks bro-seff!
Jeremy: 3:25PM
You’re bryan right?
Bryan 3:35PM
July 3, 4:07PM
Alright Bryan I’m home and get the FedEx receipts. Apparently the driver didn’t pick up the package Thursday when he grabbed the other one from her because I put it in the system as one box since I strapped the two boxes together as to look like and actually be one big box, but I guess it has to still be in the system as two boxes. So she changd that and he came back on Friday and picked it up. Here is the tracking number 9612019886405215000036
Bryan: 4:09PM
They probably did that because they knew I had rented a set of scales and wanted me to have to par for another week rental. Par for this course.
Jeremy: 4:16PM
Lol figures. And the guy with the other package called me the day it got picked up and wanted me to change the address because he moved out to the other address a few days earlier than expected, but it was too late so now he says he’s got to go wait on the day of delivery for it to show up! Man this part out started out nice and smooth and is slowly turning to shit
Bryan: 4:17PM
It’s Murphy’s Law….
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2012-08-18 03:03:40
In my experience UPS, Fedex, and even USPS never have " shipping problems" - its usually a scam
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2012-08-18 03:55:15
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2012-08-18 12:08:47
Keep the bullshit personal attacks outta here or you can find another forum to hang out on...
2012-08-18 13:51:24
Still no comment from the seller?? It's the weekend I would have thought trying to find a way to comment would have been his first priority. Libraries do have computers with internet and there are several other ways he could have got on.

Also where is this other bidder from the forums??? I would have thought he would chime in by now on either of them.

Sounds like he just wanted to drag a couple dollars out of you.

@Cliff and @wnwright is there a rule that does not allow bidding wars? I think all ads should be handled first come first serve and if you want to have a bidding war take it to Ebay. Just a suggestion.

Well Disney I think I will be the first to change my opinion on this, sounds like you deserve a full refund. Ebay and Paypal would have given it to you without comment from him just to bad you didn't pay as item. Might have to put this up to as lesson learned.
2012-08-18 13:54:12
Originally Posted by Storm88000
In my experience UPS, Fedex, and even USPS never have " shipping problems" - its usually a scam

You'd be surprised USPS has let me down twice this year.
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