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Thread: Where's Johnny wangwang?

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2012-08-10 02:18:55
Where's Johnny wangwang?
Any of you boys down south talk to this guy. Bought a turbo 8 days ago hasn't logge on since and doesn't return my messages or texts just making sure everything is okay. Def not like him
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2012-08-10 02:30:45
I'll shoot him a message, this is unlike him
2012-08-10 03:22:41
Spoke to him today so he is alive he is always prompt with shipping out stuff idk what's going on I'll give him a holla for you.
2012-08-10 10:22:09
Thanks I know he is usually up on his stuff and is usually on everyday. Just wanted to make sure he is alright and nothing happened
2012-08-10 13:28:34
Sup man. Sorry for the delay. I Don't log in here much anymore at this point. Ill get the turbo out first thing Monday morning via priority mail and let you know its gone out. Trying to deal with this stupid car and get it back driving.
2012-08-10 14:14:58
thanks buddy glad to hear your alright no rush
2012-08-10 23:36:48
lol, it's probally the one wangwang got one vadin that vadim got from me that alex was suppose to get from me in the first place!!

way to whore it out!! Lol
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2012-08-16 13:23:47
Oo johnny where are you?! Would be nice to get some communication since you are holding my build back.
Last edited by morgans432 on 2012-08-16 at 13-24-53.
2012-08-16 13:41:31
It's in the mail! lol.
2012-08-16 14:52:48
Yeah I saw him yesterday he mailed it out I don't think he has internet access and his phone which he usually uses to browse the forum is an acting up pos that works when it feeels like it.
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