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Thread: jpwrx2002 Feedback

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2012-06-13 06:54:26
jpwrx2002 Feedback
jpwrx2002 I had a bad experience with the seller after issues with the part he sold me came out.
No idea how much if any money the seller lost on this part.
Sellers attitude to resolving the issue as less than satisfactory and have detailed the issue below.
Just scroll to read if you wish.

I wasn't going to post this.

But the last comment made by this seller made up my mind.

I need a transmission.

I had looked around and found 2.
1 1hr from me for 100 from a scrap yard.
And one 4 hrs away from a forum member



I called the member on 4/30/12 @ 11:43 PM CST Left a voice mail I believe. Talked to jpwrx2002 on 5/1/12 @ 11:11 AM
Asked if he still had it.
Yes he has it but someone has dibs on it.
Will call if deal falls through.

jpwrx2002 calls me back on5/2/12 @ 11:11 AM
Deal fell through mine if I want it.
Again everything still fine 100% no issues etc
Paypal payment sent on the grounds everything is 100% working and fine.

I drive to almost to ATL to get the transmission. Seller was heading north and we did meet a bit further north but close enough to 4 hrs to call it 4 hrs away.

As he is placing the transmission into my car. He now tells me it has been sitting outside uncovered and he has never actually tested it.
Already has my money. Already drove 4 hrs. Ok fine everything is still supposed to be 100%.

Took awhile to get around to it but pull the transmission replacement in.

It dumps $70 in fluid onto the ground from the *new* seals and has no reverse just a gear in it's place that makes lovely grinding sounds.

I txt jpwrx2002
Below is what was sent and received un-edited except for my comments from anger I am adding now in ()'s

+jpwrx2002 : What's up bid 5:56 PM
+jpwrx2002 : Bid 5:56 PM
Me: Just gonna let ya know that the reverse gear is pretty much completely gone and it dumps oil from the seals. 5:58 PM
+jpwrx2002 : Great (great? great would be if I opened it and it had a dealer stash of bills rolled in it. Or it made naked women appear) I never installed it like I said I'm sorry 6:09 PM
Me: Alright man not trying to be a dick or anything but "...no grinds or pop out issues." reverse only grinds. not grinds but moves. not grinds on engage. grinds and goes no where. Also in the post and in every conversation until actually getting it you never said it was sitting outside or that you never tested it.

At this point jpwrx2002 opts not to respond it seems. there is about a 4 hr break. And the great BS makes me even madder.
So I go to paypal and submit a resolution case. States I want my money back and he can come get his sh!t.


With in about 30 mins

+19785491230: Picture shows right where it had been sitting 10:28 PM
+19785491230: Call me tmmrw we can figure something out 10:29 PM

jpwrx2002 calls me 6/2/12 5:45 PM
Says now I have his transmission and his money(paypal put a hold on it with the opening of the dispute). I have calmed down a bit. I tell him I am going to look at it and we can work something out if I can use it. He continues to be a dick but a bit nicer dick sense he seems to see I can possibly get my money back if he wants to or not and I know he is not going to come get his crap.

Calm down a bit more. And come to the conclusion I likely can use it. The going rate for a b13 tranny with gear issues seems to be 100. So I request a 100 refund. Split the difference.
Glossing over 8 hrs of driving time and gas.
Glossing over the $70 in fluid this POS dropped.

And I am not going to post anything about it.

But tonight/today. I get this message.

6/7/2012 11:31 PDT - Seller: after I refund this 100.00 to you, I do not expect to hear any other issues or complaints. After this you are on your own.....

To the seller:
I didn't send ANYTHING TO YOU until your claims fell through.
You falsely advertised the transmission.
You cannot claim it is 100% unless you know it is 100%. The correct wording is TOLD it was 100% working. THINK it is 100% working. MIGHT be 100% working. No NO GRINDS NO POP-OUTS.

And telling someone it has been sitting outside. Uncovered. Never touched. Never tested.

Yes maybe I am at fault a bit. I probably should have just walked away and submitted to paypal for my $$$ back. But jpwrx2002's tone and attitude towards this whole thing has been crappy.

I have typed this whole thing out using exact info and as detailed info as I can recall to be as honest as possible and so anyone possibly doing business with the seller can make up their own mind instead of just reading horrible do not trust/deal with.
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