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Thread: 1sikSrdet: Never sent me the parts I paid for PLEASE READ!

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2012-05-29 11:04:18
1sikSrdet: Never sent me the parts I paid for PLEASE READ!
Does anyone here know Abraham Marquez, 1sikSRdet?

I hope members on here know him well and can help me to get the parts I ordered from him or a full refund since he has stopped emailing me since I paid him.
Id really appreciate it if someone/several members can contact him, so he can honour this transaction with a fellow forum member.

Im a new member who has done a paypal transaction with 1sikSRdet for an sr20vet cas with coilpacks and coilpack wiring harness while I was a non member.
Fellow member nick m is a friend of mine who found the parts for me on this forum through 1sikSRdet.


nick m contacted me Feb 22 this year to let me know he had found some useful parts I need for my SR20ve install, an SR20vet cas and coil packs.
I let him know I was very very interested! nick m said he would contact the seller asking if he would send internationally to New Zealand and told him my offer of $350US for the parts.

1sikSRdet contacted nick m on Feb 23 saying he had the parts available, he would sell them to me at $350US and $60US posted in a flat rate box. Thats $600NZ total, A LOT OF MONEY! He sent nick m pics of the sr20vet motor he was wrecking through the business he works for, westcoast autoworks.
nick m passed on these emails to me, and I contacted 1sikSRdet on Feb 27 requesting a paypal invoice for the parts.

I emailed 1sikSRdet, and he sent me pics I requested for the coil packs and wiring harness, and he sent a pic of Andreas Miko's parts, stating that its a stolen pic, and I told him those are the same parts Im wanting with the sr20vet cas.

I paid the money via paypal on Mar 3:

"You just sent a payment Transaction ID: 2A854947HU797133G
Dear Brendan McEwan,
Thanks for using PayPal. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
See your invoice
abraham marquez

I sent my shipping address on Mar 7.

I emailed him on Apr 1, telling him I havent received the tracking number for the package, and requesting from him the date the package was sent.
I received an email on Apr 5, he hadnt sent the package and stated he had been moving house. He offered to fully refund me or send the item on Apr 6.
I requested he send the package as I still want the parts.

I emailed him on Apr 6 for confirmation that he had sent the package off.
He replied saying that he "would get them ready today and ship, sorry for the delay".

I emailed him Apr 14 asking if he had been able to send the package off.
He replied Apr 15 with "Yes I did . Shipped yesterday . Ill get u a tracking number as soon as I get home".

Since then I have had NO CONTACT from him.

I have emailed him Apr 13, Apr 23, Apr 28, May 8, and today, asking for updates on the package he supposedly sent me, requesting the tracking number for the package, and more recently asking for full refund and explanation why I havent received the parts I paid for.

Throughout the process, I have been very friendly and appreciative to 1sikSRdet for selling and sending me these much needed parts. Yet recently I have become very unhappy with the lack of communication, and the stress of not receiving the parts Ive paid a lot of money for. I feel I have been ripped off...


Arent we supposed to look after our fellow SR20 enthusiasts, not rip them off???

I joined this forum May 9 to locate 1sikSRdet to try and get some communication from him, since he wasnt replying to my emails. I private messaged him on May 9 asking why he hasnt contacted me about the parts Ive paid for.
He was last on this forum May 8.
Whats happened to him?

Any help in this matter would be hugely appreciated!!

Help me get this SR20ve going!
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2012-05-29 11:14:18
I hope you filed a claim with paypal and/or used your credit card so you can file a claim to get your money back! Gluck
2012-05-29 11:15:58
If you didnt pay as a gift through paypal, you could of got it back. But, since the time it happen was almost 3 months ago, it would be a hard time now. Good luck in your search, sorry to hear about this. Hopefully someone here has some personal contact info. ThaT would be helpful to you.
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2012-05-29 12:26:36
Well here is the bright side. The Andreas Miko stolen pic parts " CAS with pigtail harness " are still available if you need it sr510ve.

If someone post pics of someone elses parts then you should know something is up.
2012-05-31 11:17:59
Thanks guys for your feedback.

Yeah, my mistake for not lodging a claim through Paypal, I hadnt considered it as have never had issues with sellers when using Paypal, and hadnt looked into that area of Paypal before. Lesson learnt, claim asap and notify seller.
Andreas, Ill have a look at what parts you have available.
Yeah, posting pics from other peoples threads isnt ideal, he had sent over half a dozen of his own pics prior, so I didnt suspect an issue at the time. I thought he may have sent that pic as a quick easy option instead of having to upload own pic of the same items. Another lesson, suspect somethings up if stolen pics are sent.
You win some, you lose some.
Id still like to put 1sikSRdet within an inch of his life for this though.
2012-05-31 12:25:11
This is why I never send as a gift if it's over $100. FYI if paypal finds out that you are asking people to pay as a gift paypal will close your account.

To get the parts all you really need are some coils from an S15 and a CAS for an SR20VE. Then just find the CAS and you are set. Really sucks they just didn't use the same CAS from the VG30.
2012-06-09 21:05:52
Pretty strange, he hasn't been a horrible seller in the past. He's actually been offline since 7 May, 2012. Something's up for sure, but I wouldn't be able to tell you whether it was him just blowing you off, or something came up.
2012-06-09 21:07:12
See if one of the Cali guys know what's up?

Name: abraham romo
Contact Information: text only 805 236 0144 or email [email]westcoastautoworks1@gmail.com[/email]

His contact information from another for sale thread.
2012-06-09 22:21:48
Hey Cliff, yeah Ive considered that maybe something could be wrong why he hasnt been online.
Still, the parts never arrived, and who knows if they ever will, unless he turns up out of nowhere and can explain himself.
Thats interesting how the contact details youve put up are slightly different to his paypal details, Ive known him as being abraham marquez.
2012-06-09 23:21:26
pm sent. so sorry it was brought to my attention by dphillipsB13 via text . and something did come up still no excuse for me. pm has been sent.
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