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2012-06-26 00:51:36
Still no word. Elias hasnt returned any of my calls, Ive sent a few texts tellking him to lon on so we could talk but I dont think he's interested in "Making it right".
2012-08-24 14:38:28
After not hearing from this dude at all, I get a few texts so I think hmmm maybe i'll get my shit. He doesnt answer calls to the cellphone and hardly texts. But when I first ran into communication issues I called his job, where the money was sent to. The next few posts are conversation starting at the most recent:
2012-08-24 14:55:27
7/23/12 (3:03) Elias: Hey
(3:05) Elias: ?
(3:07) Me: Ok, Eli whats been going on?
(3:09) Elias: Juan told me to call you and I havetwice I shipped the light and no one received them they were there for a month and got shipped back
(3:11) Me: Thats a lie, Ive been checking my Po box everyday. Where'd you send them to?
(3:14) Elias: To what ever address u send me on the forum
(3:14) Elias: I havent gone to the post office so I can't tell u what I wrote on it
(3:17) Me: Ok, so what now? Either you send me the parts or give me a full refund
(3:19) Elias: Give the correct address and I'll reship from there
(3:25) Me: *Gave name/Address*
(3:26) Me: Now this is my house address theres no way Its not gonna show up at my doorstep. Are you sending just the headlights again or sending both my items?
(3:37) Elias: Both I have the mounts in my car
2012-08-24 15:04:15
This day I had already called his job looking for him.
8/7/12 (1:49) Me: Are you going to send me the parts?
(2:05) Elias: Yes I'm going to send them
(2:05) Me: Ok well I know your not working today sooo
(2:07) Elias: i had to call out today I had an emergency so I'm not in town
(2:32) Me: When are you going to be back, Eli.
(3:12) Elias: I should be back tommorow morning I'll swing by the post office and ship then
(3:14) Me: Alright good stuff.
2012-08-24 15:10:17
A few weeks of "Hey/You gonna send it/Yooo" go by, then today.
8/24/12 (10:28) Me: Come on eli, i really dont want to have to report you to the law for internet fraud.
(10:31) Elias: I ain't trying to burn u I'll tell the truth I haven't had a chance to pass by the post office my gf pregnancy has been more complicated than expected
(10:32) Elias: that's y I'm usually not at work and always out of town for appointments I am sorry its been taking so long
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2012-08-24 15:16:06
At this point ive tried being patient but im sick of this bullshit. Ive already had to buy what was needed from another forum member, hence why I stated Refund. Im really just waiting to see if he's going to do what he says hes going to do. And me, still doing my GA to SR swap I could use the cash this guy is holding lol In 6 days this will be month #5.
2012-08-24 17:28:22
Stop fucking around and just call the police. I'm going to have to blacklist him/ban him if he isn't already. Enough is enough.
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