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Thread: Nismo Sunny anyone deal with him recently?

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2011-07-28 12:38:14
Nismo Sunny anyone deal with him recently?
So i am supposed to be getting an exhaust off this guy and i had sent him the money for it Friday. He had texted me that same day saying he will get it sent out either Saturday or Monday and it is now Thursday and i haven't heard from him. I had texted him Monday and Wednesday and no response back and i pm'd him again on Wednesday. I had to send him a money order because he doesn't have paypal nor a bank account. Anyone else deal with this guy before?
2011-07-28 12:57:21
PM sent to the seller.

2011-07-28 14:43:58
He seems to come and go. I was supposed to buy a cluster then heard nothing from him, then he came back and put it up as a package deal. Just give him a few days, im starting to think he doesnt have full internet access or something.
2011-07-28 16:14:36
I also have his phone number and texted him and no response twice so i will hang out for a couple more days and go from there.. thanks guys
2011-07-28 19:29:32
i sold him my turbo manifold. he sent me a money gram. no paypal or western union. finally found a place that would cash it at a wal-mart. everything went smoothly no problem.
2011-07-28 23:09:22
I never understand why people wont take 5 mins to make a paypal account, way to shady otherwise. Im at the point no paypal no sale or buy.
2011-07-28 23:27:11
Hes a good guy, bought a built motor and B15 trans from him. I'll shoot him a text and let him know about this thread.
2011-07-29 00:16:21
I'm suppose to be going to his house tomorrow to pick up some tein pillow mounts. He's always been cool with me.
2011-07-29 04:45:31
I have dealt with him in the past with good results.Actually traded some parts,and sold him some parts also.No problems either way.
2011-07-29 05:42:42
I bought a Stillen front strut bar from him. Sent a postal money order (said he has no Paypal or bank account). He received it last Saturday.(7/23/11)

His PM last week said he had a few things to ship and would ship the strut bar at the same time. At this point I'm not concerned because it will only be a week Saturday since he received my money order. Sent him a PM 7/26/11 with no reply but his last post was 7/24/11, so he may be busy with work.

I'm thinking he will ship this Saturday the 30th when he is probably off work.

I guess I'll PM him tomorrow and let you guys know what I hear. It would be helpful to know when he plans to ship since these are the kind of threads that start to make people nervous.
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