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2011-07-03 14:52:09
Does anyone know this guy? I purchased a Synapse 40mm external wastgate from him. He told me when he would be able to ship it out, that date came and went but with what sounds like a legitimate reason. He hasn't logged on since the 26th so obviously he can't respond to my PM's. He told me in a PM that it would be shipped out on the 27th but I have had no contact with him so I don't know.

I'm not upset by any means, but if I'm not going to receive my part any time soon I'd like to know so I can file with paypal to get my money back. If I can get some sort of verification it has been shipped or will be shipped, that's all I'm looking for. I'm not in a rush because I still have a little bit left to do for the build. If I was I would have just bought a new one.

Well anyone that can help that would be great. Thanks.
2011-07-13 23:49:17
Little update: contact with him and it appears to be worked out. Will update original post with the outcome.
2011-08-11 00:11:25
did not get resolved. contacted someone of the same user name that is frequently active on another forum.

will be asking to have put on the buyer beware list, unless the matter is resolved. VERY unsatisfied with the seller
2011-08-15 14:56:53
Did you file with paypal yet?
2011-08-21 14:50:52
I did file with paypal, but because of his promises of when it would be sent out or him saying that he already sent it I was not within the limit of days before you could file. I have his phone number and I bother him with text messages about asking if and when he'll ship and it's been delayed with more bullsh*t excuses.

I'd like to know if the person that bought his turbo manifold actually got it, because I'm doubting that.
2011-08-21 16:20:47
Go to your bank, ive done that when paypal fails to give you your money back and tell them what has happend. Sometimes they will reverse the charges and pull back from paypal.
2011-08-30 01:44:04
Little update: I actually received the part. I am surprised , however it did take about 3 months and countless lame excuses to get it. I only had to bother him multiple times a day before he finally sent it.

edit: i wouldn't mind still seeing him on the buyer beware list though since he has little to no contact with the buyers.
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