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Thread: Andreas Miko

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2013-10-09 02:33:12
Where's this guy to say thanks .-. sounds like a really great guy
2013-10-17 00:34:55
Highly recommend this guy! Dre recently worked on my car and went above and beyond to make sure the job was done correctly and professionally. He also hooked me up with top notch parts for fair prices. Very trustworthy and an all around good friend.
2013-11-06 17:45:46
Deal with Miko
Andreas I want to say thank you from Costa Rica, I got the oil squirters in perfect condition, great deal!!!
Full recommended !!!!!
2013-12-04 05:34:42
Andreas Miko
Thanks sir everything was packaged great and was is in great condition!

2013-12-15 18:14:50
Andreas Miko
Big thumb up for Andreas! Thanks so much man. B13 decided to spit out the alternator pivot bolt. I contacted Andreas based on older posts by members having the same issue. The pivot bolt, nut, and washer made it to me in 2 days then sat in my apt office for 2 days. Thanks for quick shipping sir!

Appreciate you Dre!

2014-01-18 02:44:42
I've done business with dre on several occasions. I bought my first engine from him back in 2005 or 2006. A VE motor. The vehicle it was in was probably hit in the side because the head had some scars on the side by the timing chain. It was just cosmetic, but it was disconcerting. I bought a VE head from him about a year later and it was in decent shape. It had a bit of orange and black tinge under the VC but nothing too crazy. A few oil changes cleaned that up. I never got a perfectly clean motor, but they always seemed to work ok.

A few months ago I started a project on a friend's B13. We ordered an engine from Miko and we were excited to get it! The motor was beautiful, and looked low-mileage. But the oil was very badly sludged. The oil pan was ripped and required a replacement, but that was becoming a common replacement item with these swaps. We put on a new oil pan and I figured a good oil change or two and the engine would be like new. The motor was in the car for about an hour, but we couldn't get the oil light to go off below 2000 rpm.

We checked oil pressure and it was under 20psi at all times, dipping to under 5psi at idle. The oil pump seemed to have been damaged or something, but the engine was getting worse in the couple hours we had it running. We called up Dre and he agreed to send us a new engine. The new engine wasn't as clean on the outside, but was cleaner on the inside by far. The new engine had a Fuji header as well which we considered fair compensation.

Looking at the engine we did notice the distributor was damaged, and the cam cap that holds the top bolt to the dizzy was broken off. Inspecting it showed it would no longer seal along the o-ring for the dizzy, and would leak. We figured "what the hell" and installed it anyway. We found the exhaust cam was broken, so the drive wouldn't engage the dizzy. So we needed a new exhaust cam. I had a spare head in my garage with spare cams. I put the new cam in the engine and cranked her over. Won't start. After a lot of troubleshooting trying to find out if we didn't wire the Dizzy correctly, we found the dizzy wasn't turning. The new cam we installed had snapped right by the cam gear. Note that everything was torqued to spec here, but the cam was completely seized in the head. I put in another new cam I had laying around and got it running. Car has been running good since.

I'm not here to rag on Dre, but just to remind everyone that these mishaps happen. I would have loved to get a working engine on the first try, and I really wish the new engine didn't leak a quart of oil a week out of the dizzy cam cap, but it is what it is. There is no fixing the issue now. Sourcing a cam cap to work with this engine is impossible, so to really fix the issue this engine will need another head.

I am not very active with this community much since I've moved on to other projects. All I can do is hope the next engine I get from Dre is as high quality as we all expect from him.
2014-01-18 03:30:13
Coheed, you describe my experiences to the T.

I agree that Andreas seems to work and help often. I think the bunk transmission I got from his was actually harvested and shipped by someone else on his behalf.

My VE had a dented oil pan, shipped very sloppy and questionable valve seals that failed after a few years. All the rubber seals were hard. Probably from switching from synth to dino and back in the early days. Or overheating. The transmission had a crack in the bell housing, a stripped ring and mating gear and was simply put in a tashbag and plopped in a cardboard box with no protection, or any of the sensors. He never responded to my requests for the sensors I needed to use the transmission. He did send a new gear stack and mating gear but I had to foot the bill for replacing them and fixing the cracked housing. He never offered to compensate me.

Maybe he has bad days like the rest of us.

These experiences, and Greg V always sending the wrong parts has compelled me to stop this whole sr20 stuff altogether. I'm a business owner and I know how to do good business. Either I'm blackballed or something, or just have really bad luck.
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2014-01-22 15:22:37
Andreas Miko
Yet another quality part from Miko! This time Ultra wires and they look great

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2014-01-29 00:26:20
I haven't left feedback for Andreas in a while, I figure everyone knows he is the man. But recently he came through big while I was in need of a clutch and pressure plate.. He was tied up, taking a loved one (puppy) to the doctor (vet) and still took time to ship the parts parts that day. Then while he was helping me step through my problem, realized I'd need throwout bearing clips and made a second trip to the post office and didn't even charge me for the clips

Can I get a dope witness?? Haha
2014-01-29 01:23:24
Yes yes, a fine man he is
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