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Thread: Robchaos response time?

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2009-03-16 01:04:49
Robchaos response time?
I've noticed that this member has 100% rating on the other forum and on this as well along with some positive comments about him from other users, but he has not responded to my recent pm about a tracking number or confirmation of the item being shipped. I sent payment on Monday March 9th for some road magnet springs and have not received a word about them yet. I'm willing to be patient as I know he may be busy, but I hope you guys can shed some light on this.

Rob, if you see this, this is b13pnoysentra from sr20forum.com and waiting on the springs still. Please let me know if you've got everything ready as it's been a week with no word. I hope to be a positive buyer...thanks.
2009-03-16 04:02:10
He usually would take a few days to get back to me about a quote or something, he's a busy but honest guy.

Subscribing just in case though.
2009-03-16 05:54:02
the day rob rips somebody of is the day i stop driving my nx and never return to the forum. whick nether will happen. im meeting with him tommorow. i will let him know
2009-03-16 07:22:04
Just got a wastegate from him. Didn't get a tracking number but it came way faster then ordering straight through ATP. I think he doesn't get on much on the weekends. Don't worry your part is coming.
2009-03-16 18:12:04
Thanks a lot guys, that makes me feel better. I just want to know what day I should be home in case those road magnets come since he told me he shipped it last week, but no tracking number though.
2009-03-16 18:27:07
Rob is as legit as the come. plus shipping from MD to CA will take 5 days anyways.

I know that he's working on some stuff that keeps him busy alot. he's not on here as much as he used to but that's what happens when you take the next step in a relationship!
2009-03-16 18:37:11
I can attest to this as well, Rob has always been willing to answer any question I've ever had, even in situations where I might have been able to get a product for cheaper from somewhere else, he's always been honest and polite even if he isn't making any money out of the deal.

Just give him a little time, something's probably come up.
2009-03-16 18:59:21
Rob is the man. He has given me more resonator and catalytic converter quotes than magnaflow has part #'s . I hear nothing but good things about him, and yes he gets busy at times, but he always gets back to me.
2009-03-16 19:08:02
meeting with him in about 3 hours..
2009-03-16 23:56:58
Rob finally answered! His phone (main internet and method of forum activity) had a malfunctioning battery and he even apologized for the lack of communication. He told me he shipped the item today and gave me a tracking number so I should be getting the springs next week.
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