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Thread: Don't deal with this company!

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2009-03-05 01:08:54
Don't deal with this company!
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2009-03-05 01:53:59
That's insane. I would have lost it if it was me and just driven out to the place and beat the crap out of that guy.
2009-03-05 02:33:34
OH freaking wow!

Well then I guess we are in a lieing competition then aren't we. Nothing in life is FREE no matter what anybody says. Someday something will happen and you'll ask yourself "why me?" When that day comes I hope you think about those injectors.

This just pissed me off! So they could have not shipped them at all and say hey life is not fair, thanks for your money.

He should contact his credit card company and get his money back!
2009-03-05 03:08:30
He is in the process of it all right now. The company says he needs a police statement saying he filed a theft report before they begin to help him, the police station says he needs to first get it checked out with UPS, and UPS says that the company needs to contact them first. His credit card company says that if he files the paperwork and has some sort of proof then they will credit him back.
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