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Thread: Hachee1....anyone know him?

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2009-02-18 00:44:08
I've dealt with Hachee1 one before, it took a few days later to get my stuff but he did Hook it up tho, he'll come thru.
2009-02-27 01:35:36
Update on this Deadbeat scammer...
I filed a dispute with paypal on the19th.
No reply from him,still.so today I had it upgraded to a claim,so he has 10 days to show tracking info,or I get a refund.
2009-03-30 16:32:06
another update...paypal has given me half the money back so far.
The seller finally contacted me with a story about how he had no computer....LAME!!!
All he had to do is ship the item,he dont need a computer for that.
He was complaining about my post here hurting his rep,and so on.
He told me that Paypal wont let him pay with his credit card to make good,due to the dispute.
Also BS...I called Paypal and they told me all he had to do is call them,and they would take care of it.
His account is in the negative,so there is no money to refund,me....supposedly.
Then he started complaining about my post here,saying he would never be able to sell again,due to this bad feedback.
This guy tried to tell me he has made good on ALL the other bad deals he had,that I found around the net.

Me,being a reasonable person,gave him yet another chance to make this right.
I gave him my address,and told him if he sent me a money order for the remaining amount,I would drop the claim....
Guess what...3 weeks later,no money order,cant get ahold of him again.

This is total BS and I will have to wait forever for the rest from Paypal.


BUYER BEWARE...I was lucky,it was a small amount of money,but its the point.

Sad there are people like this lurking on the forums,I will definately be checking more carefully before sending funds.
Fortunately there are alot more honest people to deal with,than scammers.

2009-03-30 19:10:21
He's been banned on g20.net before. The buyers eventually got there parts, but it takes awhile. I dont think he's a scammer, but he's not the most efficient seller either.

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