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2008-12-13 06:52:55
I posted a WTB ad for a auto b14 trans. He responded that he had one for 170obo plus shipping. He figured shipping to be roughly $90 and i agreed. He told me he would take a total of $240 so i sent him $245 just because. He ships the trans is a rubbermaid tub with absolutly no packing supplies to protect the trans, then asks for $45 extra for shipping. I told him i would split it with him since i really dont know if he spent that and also he should have figured that in before he gave me a price. He said to go F myself so i sent him nothing. I receive a trans with a cracked bell-housing and mutiple other spots of damage(cracked sensors etc..) I asume it was the shipper but who knows if it was sent that way or not?? I contact UPS and explain my situation and someone comes by to pick up the trans to inspect it. They determine that it is junk and through it out. I ask UPS how i will recieve my refund and they tell me that i wouldn't be the one who would get the refund it would be the shipper since he is the one that paid to have it shipped. I explain that the shipper will not cooperate with me and will keep the money if it is sent to him. They really dont care and tell me that its against policy to inform me if the shipper received my refund.. In a way i blame myself for dealing with someone who couldnt type in english, i should have realized they werent capable of shipping something properly and doing buisness the correct way. So please use caution when dealing with this person. Id hope no one would have to deal with what i went through.
2008-12-13 17:19:18
Thats bull****. Hope everything gets sorted out. I dont understand how some people have no morals.
2008-12-14 04:41:59
if its through paypal. Paypal block that bitch send complaint
2008-12-14 23:34:03
damn i had to read about this when you told me bout it sucks ass!
2008-12-15 17:14:42
It really is a ****ed up situation. The guy packed the thing like a lazy asshole and then expected more $ for shipping than was agreed on. UPS has a huge flaw in their system when it comes to this, I hope they give him the refund and he gives it to you. I can vouch for the whole situation and it's exactly as Steve says it is. No one do business with this guy, he is terrible seller.
2008-12-15 17:16:08
Wow, thats messed up.....how did you pay?
2008-12-20 19:44:52
has anything came up ?? mods??
2008-12-20 21:07:46
I used paypal but they cant do anything either apparently?? I just hope NOBODY does any kind of business with this guy dont buy form him or sell to him. Hopefully he sells his nissan and buys a honda like the rest of the douchbags..
2008-12-22 06:25:49
Yeah, he installed some parts wrong that I sold him and tried to say they were bad. The language barrier isn't the greatest. I definitely wouldn't want the hassle of a buyer constantly pm'ing me again because they could'nt understand what was posted for sale.
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