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Thread: Modified Car Insurance

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2011-05-10 20:14:23
Modified Car Insurance
Is there a company out there that insures modified cars with high mileage (300,000+)? I'm thinking of disclosing ALL my mods and getting proper insurance. I don't think it can be done at a reasonable price!

2011-05-10 21:23:48
Insurance companies dont recognize anything except rims/wheels. You'll just cost yourself more money because they assume you like to speed. Example when i attempted to place full coverage on my classic regardless of the mods that were done they told me if totaled the would give me the blue book value of the car, which is less than the insurance policy. they probally would cover your mods but get readyto pay out the a*#.
2011-05-10 22:08:48
It's called "agreed upon value". You itemize your list of modifications and their values, and work with the insurance company. Be prepared to pay a premium.
2011-05-11 22:49:58
How many forum members in Ontario Canada disclose any or all mods to insurer? I disclosed a few mods about 7 years ago and still got covered with no premiums. Called them up anonymously recently, asked about mods and now they say they will not insure a vehicle with any mods.

2011-05-29 15:11:17
I didnt, i drove a sentra, it was not worth it for me because of the surance increase or loss of coverage
2011-09-06 02:36:47
Switched insurance company for my car back in June. They didn't ask about mods and I didn't tell. Didn't even ask to see the car. We have 2 other cars insured with them also.
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