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Thread: 10 Days to Pass Emission Test

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2010-09-30 21:24:51
10 Days to Pass Emission Test
Finally got my car back together and worked out most of the issues. Now I have 10 days to pass an E-test. Plates expired in June while in the middle of changing the clutch. Got a 10 day temporary sticker to do the E-test in August and on the same day I had a major problem with a coolant temperature sensor (CTS) that made me think I had a cooling issue. Changed the CTS and now the car seems to be OK. If I can't get it to pass, its going to be parked in the garage until next spring.

2010-10-01 17:26:03

Added 3.7 litres of Methyl Hydrate ($9.99 at Canadian Tires) to half a tank of fuel. Drove 40 km on the highway to testing facility. There was one car before me doing the e-test, so I kept the car running to keep everything optimum for the test and lowered the timing. After 7 to 10 minute wait I got the car in for e-test.

Hc ppm___68____33
NO ppm___526___519

Put the timing back to normal. Filled up the car with gas to prevent the Methyl Hydrate from damaging any seals.

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