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Thread: NX with 50k km's - partout

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2008-12-18 17:05:12
yes, however, it's blue
2008-12-18 17:37:05
Originally Posted by nxpartssource
wait what ?

The hatchback struts, mine are going bad, every time I open the hatchback, sometimes I have to keep one hand above my head to hold the hatch open so that I'm not decapitated.

Hence my question to the OP. How are the hatchback struts? Are they in good condition?
2008-12-18 17:43:56
nope, they suck. I got some replacements from a guy on ebay - still work 100% a year later - I suggest there.
2008-12-19 02:26:45
Originally Posted by canx2k
ryan's just a hater.

damn right im a hater son! I hate when I see good cars that good friends work on to look just right...then turn around to sell it. The panda will be missed andrew....I guess more money goes to the SE right?

oh btw...our cars look awesome on the SR20 calender this year!
2008-12-19 03:21:08
full harness , complete engine , tranny , motor mounts , clutch cable , gauges in the dash , axles and support bearings , crossmember , throttle cable ,starter , intake , maf,radiator.....

to name only the major ones ,

but then again i really mean lowball , cause i'm damn broke right now , it wouldn't be until summer.
2008-12-19 15:53:14
2009-04-29 00:39:29
how much for ecu?
2009-04-29 03:30:31
this never ended up going anywhere. there is a dude selling his on here in the electronics section for like $75.
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