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Thread: ODB 2 Tuning?

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2008-05-28 02:57:06
ODB 2 Tuning?
Hey Calum, my friend was saying that you can get your ECU tuned through the ODB 2 port? Is this true? I see how it COULD work but don't get how it would keep the readings. Obviously would have your base tune, but I'm talking like fine tuning.

I have a few places around me with dynos and they tune the cars but do you have to have a tuning device like a safc or can they use the port to do it? Also me having a wideband would be needed. Also which wide band would you recommend using? I was thinking
Innovative LC-1
2008-05-28 07:16:57
No, pre-2000 Nissans still have a ROM based memory, so you can't make any permanent changes through the OBD-II port.

I really like the Innovate for tuning (I like their software), but the AEM looks the best if your installing it permanently in the car. Their gauge just looks slick.
2008-05-28 23:10:52
ah ok, thanks for that info.

And for the gauge I want the best price but I want function. I think I found the AEM UEGO for 220 in Jegs. I like that the LC-1 has the the program fro data logging but I hate the small gauge.
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